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I'm a Nintendo fan but I absolutely despise the Smash Bros games. *Ducks tomatoes*

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Bet with Einsam_Delphin: I say Monolith Soft's X won't release in 2014.

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I don't like Mario Sports even though I can see the appeal in them.

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Mario vs Donkey kong

I made a similar thread some time ago, although I was only asking to Nintendo fans.

Anyway, I don't like Kirby and I don't like the New Super Mario Bros. series

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i dislike god of war.. :/

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curl-6 said:

I'm a Nintendo fan but I absolutely despise the Smash Bros games. *Ducks tomatoes*

"throws watermelon"

In all seriousness though, smash is awesome. Anyways I don't really like

God of War franchise

Sly Cooper

Ratchet and Clank Series

Resistance Franchise

I used to hate Gears of War but it's grown on me. I hate Uncharted still and I don't really hate any Nintendo exclusives.

curl-6 said:

I'm a Nintendo fan but I absolutely despise the Smash Bros games. *Ducks tomatoes*

How dare you dislike that awesome franchise!?

Animal Crossing for me. Don't care for it personally.

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uhh, I own everything they are all my console of choice.

-New Super Mario Bros

-Resististance and Killzone (resistance more so if only allowed 1)

-I can't think of one. There's not really a franchise I really love on exclusive on this console, but there's not really one I hate that I can think of. If I can use ones that are also on PC there's a few.
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gr.... gran...... gran turismo!! yes!! i said it! yeah gran turismo!! i find it to be a huge BORE FEST!

also infamous, wipeout. there are sure to be more, i mean you cant seriously like every game from your favorite company. but those are the ones i can think of

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