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I was passing by the Sony Store today and they just recently put up a demo of a giant (like 80-inch plus) 4K Sony TV (which retails for a low, low $24,999 price, lol).

Anyways it was running a loop of hand picked "sizzle reel" 4K images ... and to be honest ... while it's nice, it wasn't *that* big of a jump from 1080P Blu-Ray to be honest.

Generally I don't think "average joe" is going to care when they see the difference. It's a somewhat cleaner/sharper image but that's about it.

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Yeah, it's really not the immediately, blatantly noticeable jump that SD to HD was.


You could buy a very decent car that will last your a decade for that. Average Joe will never get this tv. How much money has Sony poured into this? Even if it drops drastically to say $15,000 that us still way, way to much for a tv. The jump in quality would have to be enormous... as others have said, it isn't. Another useless money pit for Sony?

$25,000 grant I could think of a whole lot better things to spend that much money on.

I think that it is glorious. But obviously I'm not getting a 4k TV anytime soon.

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Ya, it's going to be a while until the price goes down enough for the general population to adopt it.

I honestly don't think most people would even buy a 4K TV for $3000-$4000.

Still too expensive. From what I saw it's no where near the "wow" factor of going from SD to HD, most "normal consumers" are not even going to be able to notice the difference unless you directly put the images side by side.

It looks slightly shinier/cleaner than what you're used to on a 1080p set.

A $1300 1080p is going to be good enough.

Not to mention the Sony rep told me you really need like an 70-80 inch set for 4K, lol, which I think is going to turn a lot of people off, people don't want a TV the size of the wall in their home.

BloodyRain said:
Ya, it's going to be a while until the price goes down enough for the general population to adopt it.

I doubt this will ever reach mass market price.

I still need to see it myself but you were watching that on an 80 inch tv. They are making a 55" tv that will be easy to compare 1080p too. I wish a Sony store was closer to me.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

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To be honest, if you had removed the 4K sign from the TV set and not told me it was a 4K set, I probably wouldn't even have known it was 4K.

It looked like a high-end 1080p set that was calibrated fairly well.