GT5 passes Halo Reach in global lifetime sales!

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With the new updated sales number, Gran Turismo 5 is at 10.42 million.  GT5 is almost 1 million ahead of Halo Reach which is at 9.43 million.

Can GT5 pass the best selling Halo game which is Halo 3 (currently at 11.77).  I think GT5 can get close by this holiday season, but the sales are going to drop off quickly with GT6 and PS4 release.




Gran Turismo 5

Global Total as of 04th May 2013 (units): 10.42m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Polyphony Digital Genre: Racing



Halo: Reach

Global Total as of 04th May 2013 (units): 9.43m
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: Bungie Software Genre: Shooter

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ohh boy....

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chapset said:

never saw that one before haha

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I thought Halo 3 was at like 14 million.

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not surprising with heavy bundle and scripted gameplay

linear corridor, etc

Jay520 said:

not surprising with heavy bundle and scripted gameplay

linear corridor, etc

Which game is this referring to?

First five posters posting like this is Neogaf.

I think it can make it. Even now PS2 games are still selling. PS3 games will go on for a while.

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3 Gran Turismo (PSP) PS3 2009 Racing Polyphony Digital 0.43 1.40 0.31 0.67 2.82

X360 Halo - 40.05m

PS3 Gran Turismo -  17.36m

There really isn't that much of a competition.  If you are trying to start a fan war, bravo because you will achieve it.  But Halo has been a much bigger franchise all generation.