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ok guys I just bought a notebook with windows 8. I knew almost nothing about windows  8 so i just jumped in wishing for the best. There are some things that i like and some that i really dislike. I bought this notebook mainly as an email machine, I have a desktop with windows 7 at home, so no steam or any kinda kind of gaming, simply productibity. 

I want to always have a task bar, thats my number one complaint. I have heard that there is an app that would make it more like windows 7. I like how it looks, so no complains there... please help

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Google "Classic Shell" for a great free taskbar that also (I believe) disables the Metro UI, and it's pretty much Windows 7.

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That Windows 8 UI sure is a piece of shit ain't it? I personally just pin what I need to the task bar and stay in desktop mode since I don't feel like modding it, and that's me with a touch screen laptop lol.

Just stay in the Desktop as much as possible. You can't have both the new UI and the taskbar at the same time.

There is an new update called Windows 8.1 coming soon. Think of it like the old Service Packs. It should enable a few more Windows 7 like features but not all of them.

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I will probably get a desktop this year and have to do this as well.

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Classic Shell or Start8. Most Metro apps either suck, are buggy, make you do more work than you would with a normal desktop app, or just plain a "Lite" version of a full-fledged app. If you're using Windows 8 on a desktop/laptop, there's little reason for them when you can get most of that stuff through desktop apps or browser add-ons anyway.

isnt windows 8 kind of designed for pads or am i just being old fashioned,i mainly stay in desktop but it is not as if i have lots of media and photos and stuff on this laptop yet

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A comprehensive FAQ for Windows 8:

Q: (Insert any question here)
A: Uninstall Windows 8 and Install Windows 7


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I found a company that would sell me a Windows 7 laptop for exactly this reason.