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Here we go, the big boys.

Nintendo have without a doubt the most successful software library out there. Despite this, Nintendo for some reason just doesnt appeal to certain people. Its strange and opinions are varied. 

I like Nintendo. Mainly for the handheld offerings, but the consoles are really good too. Mario and Pokemon are the 2 most successful franchises in the industry and the Wii Series appeals to pretty much everyone. They have dominated the industry over the last 7 Years and have consistantly released great SW. From Mario to Zelda. From Pokemon to Donkey Kong. From Metroid to Animal Crossing. They have a game that appeals to every market.

So, VGChartz. What are your thoughts on Nintendo?

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The first game I ever played was made by them, so there's the whole "special place" thing.

I like most of their products, they really make some unique, special games...some of the best, timeless games I've ever played were made by them.

With that said, they've been greatly disappointing me over the past two years, the way they handled the Wii's last two years and the transition to the Wii U have left a sour taste.

Nintendo's cool with me. I'd hit that.

I love them *_*

Pretty much all of their first party offerings are very good - incredibly good games, they deserve every sale they make. With the software I am 100% satisfied.

They have made some strange decisions on the hardware side since the N64, but that mainly hit 3rd party devs, Nintendo's own games always easily managed to look superb even on inferior hardware. They might not have taken the online aspect seriously enough with the Wii, but Miiverse on the WiiU more than makes this up.

On the subject of their controllers - the GCN controller still is my 2nd favorite controller of all times, I never had any problem with the Wiimote, the Classic Controller Pro is vastly inferior to any other controller on the market, the WiiU controller currently is my favorite controller. The touchpad is a great addition while the buttons and analog sticks feel great.

The DS and 3DS are damn near perfect handheld consoles, they are affordable and have a big library.

Since I am a multiplatform gamer the sometimes long time between releases doesn't phase me at all, this allows me to give Nintendo a far better critique than I otherwise might have. Their games along with some PS1, PS2 and PC titles made my childhood from the gaming perspective and that I will never forget

that they have lost their way.

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I like enough of their franchises to buy their consoles at some point during the generation but not enough to make me buy them at or close to launch.

I'm glad that they're bringing things like Pikmin back, but I wish they would focus on more of a spread of their franchises (Star Fox & F-Zero included). I don't enjoy two of their bigger franchises at all (Zelda & 2D Mario); but I do greatly enough two of their other ones (Mario Kart & 3D Mario).

I dislike that Operation Rainfall had to happen at all; but I do like that it seems to have opened a new door in terms of localising & publishing titles in the west and I hope that they continue it beyond Bravely Default.

The only thing I actively hold against them is that they're dreadful at digital content in terms of both delivering it in a timely fashion & pricing it. After being able to pay once and play on 3 different consoles with PS1 classics; it feels like a kick in the nuts that I would have to pay extra to transfer N64 games across to a Wii-U.

Generally, they're very much on my good side, because it's the actual games which come first and their games are very good. I very much hope that they stay a major part of this industry.

They are the best developer in my eyes. They made countless classics, they cover a very wide variety of genres. I do wish they would release games on a more regular basis.

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They make really good games in general, that's pretty much it.

They aren't without their shortcomings, but they're still easily my favorite company in the games industry.