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Microsoft has posted another round of job adverts calling on applicants to apply for a range of roles that may or may not be linked to features of the Xbox 720. Take your salt pinches and venture onward.


OXM has been playing detective on the company’s job boards and has unearthed a few interesting nuggets, chiefly, this advert for a security officer position.

The ad calls for “experience with both X86 and ARM ISAs,” suggesting that Microsoft’s new rig will closely fall in line with PC architecture. Although given rumblings that the console will run a version of Windows 8 behind the scenes, this probably won’t come as too much of a shock to some.

Another post for a hardware design verification engineer, asks that applicants have a, “Deep understanding of modern PC architecture. In additional key PC chips, experience should include the following: Optical disk drive, Vregs, thermal, firmware testing.”

So if Microsoft’s new rig does indeed offer a PC-like development architecture for studios, it could be a simply machine to code for, and will make it more likely for fledgling studios to deliver their games on the format.

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Isn't this old news? Pretty sure I've seen like 50 similar articles in the past few months

Angelus said:
Isn't this old news? Pretty sure I've seen like 50 similar articles in the past few months

Yes, it is. 6 days left...

Oldish news, but nice to know MS is staffing up.


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Looks more like postings for Surface to me.

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