Digital Foundry: PS4 KILLZONE uses 3GB RAM! (CONFIRMED)

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If there were trophys on dev side, that would count for a platinum

Don't know why your head exploded......is that good?

I personally prefer FXAA to MSAA.

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You generally don't want MSAA these days though, HQ FXAA/MLAA would be a good thing anyways.

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*Sony's new warning*

Warning: Games may cause your eyes to melt from sheer graphical awesomeness!

Wonder if they'll keep it at that or use the extra RAM for some texture stuff in the retail release.

lol scanner's mind blown just like


patrick stewart with fantastic flowing Hair..awesome


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7 G's to go

Just confirms what most tech savvy falks have been saying on this site for some time. Ram won't be a bottleneck on this system.

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