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I think Ubisoft have been the most improved developer in the industry over the last 6 Years. Assassin's Creed is a top quality mega hit and Just Dance took over the world.

They found markets that wanted Ubisoft games and kept on delivering exactly what those markets wanted. From Imagine: Babiez to Splinter Cell. The library of games they bring to the table is varied enough for them to work on every platform and have fans of all ages.

I like them. I think Assassin's Creed, while repetitive, is a great franchise with a lot of room to expand. The concept of Assassin's Creed means the series could go on forever while remaining fresh. Its a unique experience and Ubisoft have a winner with it. I like how they arent afraid to take a risk with something new and innovative like ZombiU. I like how the games they create are both fun and visually pleasing. Watch_Dogs is another example of taking a risk with something new and innovative.

All in all, Ubisoft are great. Even if theyre French

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Their games tend to be hit or miss.


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Loved Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia during the PS2 days. PS3 Double Agent was shit and now the series has completely jumped the shark. Prince of Persia felt way to automatic with the platforming and the combat was less satisfying.

Assassin's Creed 1 was really poor (IGN's review was spot on) and it seems like they're just milking the shit out of that series.

Are you going to make one of the threads for every publisher?

Anyway, I generally like Ubisoft. They try their hand at several different types of games, and usually deliver pretty good quality. Can't complain about that.

Angelus said:
Are you going to make one of the threads for every publisher?

Anyway, I generally like Ubisoft. They try their hand at several different types of games, and usually deliver pretty good quality. Can't complain about that.

Nah, I have 4, maybe 5 more planned including SCE, MGS and Nintendo.

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Easily one of the best balanced publishers out there, and one of the few that seems positioned to do well next gen. Not really one of my favorites, though. I'm finding that for any of their franchises, one game will pretty much do me for a whole generation.

I also find it kind of annoying that so many of their games have an air of pretension that the quality can't really justify: the pseudo-intellectual humanism of Assassin's Creed, the millennial coming-of-age stuff in Far Cry 3, the commentary on privacy in the internet age that I'm assuming will be rife throughout Watch Dogs (and unintentionally hilarious with UPLAY nagging you every time you boot up the game). All seems a bit hamfisted to me.

I really like Ubisoft - other than the fan punishment with Rayman Legends - they have been really awesome these past 6 years

- Red Steel 2 is one of my favourite FPS for it's arcade style and ZombiU brings back the survival horror genre to what it should be.
- Assassin's creed is pretty decent but it looks like it might be suffering from sequelitis

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i believe i liked them last gen more. splinter cell 1-3 are some of my favourite games of the whole last gen (at least the xbox versions)

i liked the prince of persia games and rainbow six 3. i liked ghost recon 1+2 (like with splinter cell, the xbox and not the ps2 versions which is especially for ghost recon a huge difference) i also like advanced warfighter 1+2 but those are already 6+ years old so, from the early days of this gen.

this gen? asscreed games are good but not brilliant like splinter cell was. far cry 3 could be awesome but didn't play it yet. rayman origins is great but so is rayman 2 for dreamcast. i think as a whole i liked ubisoft more last gen but i need a list of all games to really decide that.

but as a company they are probably much stronger right now as they were last gen.

Don't care much for any of there games anymore although Watch Dogs looks great.

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I like them a lot. They make quality products, respect their customers and have a humble way of communicating.