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Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

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My input on the colour thing:

Vita games are becoming more common and PSP games rarer. So I'd suggest changing Vita to the current PSP colour and giving PSP the new one (purple or whatever). So three tones of red would usually be in the chart for the three most present Sony consoles.

In any case, I can ultimately get used to anything and thanks for the effort.

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Fairy Fencer picking up.

Been a while.

@ boutros

I can read.

At kresnik.

You must have been talking about something else but I saw your post in another thread. Not talking about this thread.

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It's a good colour. Nice work!

Change must happen in this industry. Indeed, change is happening.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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A decision has been made...and it hurts my heart to settle with PSV being purple and not the PS4. Boutros,my beloved child...did my vote not stimulate you enough to put love above equality?! ... I will go away now.See you when eternity ends.

Nooooooooo!.... :(

I want the cyan back for the Vita!

So, the purple of death for Vita? Oh Boutros.

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I'm posting here for the first time in a long while to say, "CHANGE THE VITA COLOR BACK!".

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Time for hype

Bring the Vita color back, please Boutros !
Nice movement for Vita games btw, GTA V may have the biggest western game launch. Pokemon are getting serious too..