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Alright I'm a  bit tired of fans ripping EA a part because they don't support Nintendo with every game. While I'm all up for defending Nintendo, MSFT, and Sony when it is needed I also feel it is needed for 3rd party companies.  And yes EA has made mistakes and gamers rip them apart for it.  I get it but listen, EA does not do well on Nintendo consoles so can you really blame them for being cautious about Nintendo?  And no it is not EA's fault that they do not sell as well on Nintendo consoles as they do on other consoles. I know the first thing that people say is that the 1st party games on Nintendo consoles are the reason 3rd party games dont sell well and that is entirely false.  Yes I bought a WiiU for Nintendo's 1st party, but the reason I don't buy 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles is because they are better on Sony/MSFT consoles, plain and simple.  Whether it be because of graphics or Online capabilities.

So no I am not going to blame EA for not doing well.  It is simply because third party games are generally better on other consoles.  

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Its not that its better but because its cheaper to buy a game on a system you already have and EA sees the install base is quite small - it is the same reason why Capcom/Squareenix doesnt make a game for the Vita at least not yet.


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"It's not EA's fault that they don't do well on Nintendo systems. Their games are clearly better on other systems."

Just how much have you been drinking today?

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Enough talking about EA. Just too much EA for me to handle right now

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If they just came out and said "We don't want to work with Nintendo, because X" then all is fine in my book.

But if they keep saying "We will continue to have unprecedented support for the Wii U" is kinda BS.

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This has been discussed over what... 3 threads in the last week?


Resident Evil 4 was best on Wii. Argue against me.

RolStoppable said:
"It's not EA's fault that they don't do well on Nintendo systems. Their games are clearly better on other systems."

Just how much have you been drinking today?

Let's compare madden (One of EA's biggest games) to Wii madden and you can tell me which one is better.

Right now WiiU doesn't even have a big install base and the games are too similar to the X360/PS3 for them to invest at the moment.  Once again games will sell better on X360/PS3 for online capabilities in this case.

If I didn't know you better I'd say this is 100% flamebait...I'll get me some chips, this thread gon be gud.

I don't think it would have that big of a deal if EA hadn't come out on Nintendo's stage E3 2011 and talked about how awesome the WiiU was and this was the beginning of an unprecedented partnership between EA and Nintendo

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I do believe that when you hold exclusive rights to something such as Madden, you should be obligated to release it on all platforms.

As for what they want to do with their personal IP, they can do whatever.