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Your pick

Brown hair brown eyes 49 25.26%
Blond hair blue eyes 35 18.04%
Brown hair blue eyes 36 18.56%
Brown hair green eyes 47 24.23%
Blond hair brown eyes 7 3.61%
More 19 9.79%

Well guys, gals, the ever-nagging question. We all know that blond hair is qualified of angelic due to the similarity to a golden quality, as are blue eyes (which often go hand in hand with blond hair) considered angelic due to reminding of the sky.

I'm a kid with black hair, my hair gets brown during the summer and I have dark skin, since I'm half lebanese.

I grew up with the idea that blond was beauty, and always felt this thing where I held on a higher plane the blond-hair, blue-eye look. But lately I've been feeling different. With actors like Robert Downy Jr., Jennifer Connely (black hair blue eyes), Harrison Ford and other sex simbols of now and yesterday, I'm getting this thing for the other ranges of color and sex appeal.

I'm at work so I can't go around grabbing pics, but feel free to chat about it and post some pics.

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I don't mind if Zelda has brown, blonde, or red hair - Zelda is Zelda

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No blonde hair and green eyes?

No RED hair at all (because we know it wold win)?


wfz said:
No blonde hair and green eyes?

No RED hair at all (because we know it wold win)?


I conquer, needs blonde hair green eyes. I voted more.

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Redheads with deep green eyes, no competition

Other than that, it's a tie between green eyed brunettes, and blue eyed blondes

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Is this a Spurgeonryan thread?

I would say brown. Since my hair is Lush Brown.

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brown hair green eyes....
actually prefer dark hair with blue eyes....

you guys rememeber the afghan girl



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Angelus said:

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So Epic

Really depends on the person in my opinion. A lot of brown haired/eyed persons would look awful with blonde hair/blue eyes, and vice versa. Just look at Samantha Traynor in Mass Effect 3 - a clear case of a white chick with brown skin.

So I'll just say that I prefer people in their natural colors.