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Rumored PS4 screenshots


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Looks awesome. Can't wait for this game since it somewhat reminds me of persons of interest.

Looks good and it has been confirmed as a PS4 launch title so it should be my 1st or 2nd PS4 game, can't wait

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Impressive. But show me gameplay!

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_crazy_man_ said:
Impressive. But show me gameplay!

You're looking at it, in most of those screens, just with manipulated camera angles.


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Nice screenshots but I would love to see a new gameplay trailer *_*!

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this kind of game is right up my alley. lol

Looking good, no doubt PC screenshots but still impressive.

Going to pick up this game when it comes out, so long as it isn't a massive disappointment and isn't just Assassin's Creed in the future...


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those pics look weird, the cars look like drawings and the rest like gameplay? as if they took a screenshot in the game and put some cars in it afterwards. i'm impressed if that is really like it looks because it looks really nice.

€dit: ok the cars look more realistic in full screen

Looks really good. The cars especially. Always like me some good looking cars in open world games