Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U CPU + GPU clock speeds increased? Is it even possible?

Just read this on, which also points out no credible source. I'm no tech expert and don't know if this is even possible. What do you guys think?


Edit: Maybe this link will work better:

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A firmware update could do this I guess.

Also link is broken.

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Why shouldn't it be? The PSP also did this.

This is possible?

Well base around rumors I heard a few weeks ago, I heard this summer is suppose to be huge. Nintendo is hesitating to market the Wii U and release titles until the Summer Update. What I'm guessing will make the Wii U feel more next gen.

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*Now reads unbroken link*

That's a crazy claim alright.

If true the CPU boost is much needed, tho its hard to see a jump that huge.  GPU speed bump seems less crazy.

What does make sense here is the the Wii U only used up 32 watts of its 45 maximum.  So there is room such a thing (no idea how much more watts that would require tho, that and if the fan would require more juice to cool it off as well).

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KHlover said:
Why shouldn't it be? The PSP also did this.

I had no idea the psp did, like I mentioned, I'm no tech expert. I honestly didn't know if it was possible or not.

so in dragon ball z terms the wii u has moved up from a krillin to a young gohan?

They could have improved it a little, but article says from 1.24 to 3.24 GHz.

1.24 to 3.24?? Would be quite the accomplishment! Don't believe it to be that much though. Take that PS4 .

The rumored new speed for the CPU is unbelievable. Really. No one can believe that they almost tripled its speed with no serious consequences.

But a more modest increase could be possible. Heck, Nintendo said that the WiiU was designed to use about 45W when playing yet when it was launched and the media tryed it, they recorded a consumption of "only" 35W.


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