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Will you be purchasing a Solid State Drive for the PS4?

Yes 163 44.54%
No 60 16.39%
Depends on the price 79 21.58%
See results 64 17.49%

Assuming that Sony once again allows us to install our own 3rd party hdd/ssd is anyone considering installing a Solid state drive for their PS4?

After purchasing my gaming PC 5 months ago and seeing the benefit of running Windows on a fast SSD I am seriously considering doing the same for the PS4. Ofcourse I don't want to spend more than $300 ideally so I am hoping that by the time the PS4 is released that I will be able to find a 500gig SSD at or close to $300.

What say you?



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Nah ill keep my console stock, I'll have my ssd for my PC :P

Why would you want a SSD inside a console?

With the PS3 and its really shitty bluray drive installing games on the HDD was somewhat required. And the PS3 HDD (at least the one in the PHAT was a joke. When I installed it into my laptop and tested it, It was like 40mb/s whereas my 2008 computer HDD was like 150mb/s, The stock harddrive was utter shit.

A normal (non stock HDD in case of Sony installing CRAP again) HDD will be more than sufficient for what the PS4 will do. Its not like console games are like installed PC games with 100000000 files. The only advantage you will have is installing the game on the SSD will be faster and if you are lucky starting the game will be marginally better. The games wont run noticeably better etc.

And I doubt that this is worth the extra money. (The biggest gain comes from replacing the shitty stock harddrive with a good one.)

But if you still dont want a conventional harddrive in your next console buy a hybrid drive. SSD seek times with $/GB price ratio of normal HDDs.

btw what exactly do you expect from upgrading to a SSD?

I only suggest buying one if some of your games take too long to load. In most cases, especially with games that are optimized for loading times that won't be needed.

Upgrading to a SSD did not bring too much performance on the ps3. i remember of a test i read some months ago. i think the result was a reducing of loading times from 23 to 21 seconds or something.

I'd like to have a SSD in my PS4, but with PS+ and the high prices for SSDs i don't think i will go for it.

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I prefer they go with 3.5" form factor HDD bay so I can load a 4 TB drive in there.

I think this would more than suffice.

Well SSD didn't benefit PS3 much, but PS3 was nothing like a PC while PS4 is almost like a PC in disguise. I suspect that an SSD will benefit PS4 immensely, but I will wait for sites like Eurogamer to test it before I buy one.

It won't be necessary. Ps4 will have no loading times.

theprof00 said:
It won't be necessary. Ps4 will have no loading times.

What makes you so sure of that, technically? Also, where the heck are you (PMs)?

SSD's are pretty expensive. i also dont know how much a PS4 would benefit from one

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