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I think everyone here is familiar with the line of reasoning that says the Dreamcast was doomed, because Electronic Arts refused to support the platform. What I am not going to argue the merits of that logic one way or another. Personally I believe it was part of why that console failed, and Sega was subsequently forced to stop manufacturing consoles. Just not the whole reason. Maybe Sega could have survived if they had done other things right. We will probably never really know the answer to that question, because it isn't like a experiment that can be repeated.

I however do have to wonder if Nintendo fans on these forums being as knowledgable as they are. Haven't drawn a parallel of their own. Between the Dreamcast losing that support, and the Wii U losing that support. What I have observed over the past few days however is a borderline psychotic fucking rage when anyone even mentions Electronic Arts, or any developer that is doing likewise. I have to ask the obvious question. Is it the fear that is motivating this pathological hatred. That people aren't so much upset about the lost gaming opportunities, but the possibility that this loss of third party support will kill the console. 

The more I read these tantrums the more I realize they are entirely emotional, and not the least bit rational. They will talk shit about the developers games, but it seems to bother them profoundly that they wont be getting them. I mean if you genuinely think that a developer only produces crap that you wouldn't want to play. Then should their absence from the catalog bother you at all. There are after all a lot of developers that don't do business of a lot of different platforms. Some developers can't do games for multiple platforms.

I don't know if I will actually get a honest answer to my question, and in fact I highly doubt that I will. I suspect I might even get verbally assaulted for bringing it up for discussion. I do think it needs to be put out there though, and while I think getting upset about gaming is understandable. I definitely don't see the point in being scared of a future you cannot control, but I know some people probably feel differently.

So is it the fear of the consoles failure talking?

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(does that answer your question?)

Games can and should tell stories and share ideas through their mechanics. This is the intrinsic element of the medium and this is how experiences should be crafted in video games. No company does this as well as Nintendo and their echoes from the past.
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you make some interesting parallels. I think most people (including myself) want to know what happened between ninty and Ea. The psychotic hate stems from our blind love for Nintendo. Anyone that tries to hurt my princess peach needs to be destroyed

It's really a mixture of both, but we don't really know the fk went on with Ea and Nintendo.

Is it really origin? And we don't exactly worry about the console's failure. Yet. Nintendo obviously was unprepared for sending out the WiiU when 3DS was struggling. Now that they have some good software lined up for it, I expect them to help more 3rd parties develop for and localize some of their games.

1st party effort needs to be diverted to WiiU now, we'll start seeing the results around late 2013-2014. (My god did they screw up) Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

I don't know what it is with ninendo fans and ea, but they must be makeing some amazing games for people to get so riled up about them not being on their system of choice...

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I don't fear the failure of the WiiU or the downfall of Nintendo. I need not worry because I'm aware of how much money Nintendo has in the bank. What bothers me about third party devs is their unwillingness to support a console that is 3 million strong, yet have no problem starting development for games on next gen such as PS4 and Xbox Infinity when the consoles haven't even shipped. I also am a huge fan of Nintendo and do have an emotional tie to the company, and so when I see companies saying that their system isn't worth developing for I become upset. If I were still a kid I wouldn't care about third party because Nintendo would offer me everything I need. However I've grown up and games like Mass Effect, Dead Space etc have become staples that come with a great system. I want to play games with mature content yet I would prefer not having to buy a second console for third party titles. First party however is a different question, It looks like I'll be picking up a PS4 this time around simply because I enjoyed the heck out of ratchet, sly and uncharted.

Another point I'd like to make is that a few developers that have publicly stated they have no intention of supporting the WiiU have released rather mediocre games; this includes Crytek's Crysis 3 and Dead Island Riptide.

Anyways, its not at all the consoles chance of failure but the unmerited hatred towards my company of choice.

No I think many who disagree with this statement are doing so because the situations are not that similar. Sega had historically been a closer partner to EA than Nintendo ever was. If you look at the amount of support EA had given the Mega Drive compared to the SNES, EA had published over twice the amount of titles for the Mega Drive. Even the Saturn, with less than 1/3 of the total units out there than the N64, had around the same amount of EA titles published. Sega's first party content was also lacking compared to Nintendo, which made Sega more reliant on 3rd party pulishers such as EA. This made losing EA as a partner far more devastating to Sega than it will be to Nintendo.

EA gave token support to the GameCube and the Wii at best, so why should people be upset about losing support that was never there? In addition, the Dreamcast failed partly because Sega didn't have the funds to continue supporting it. They lost a lot of consumer and publisher confidence after the outright failure of the Saturn. Nintendo is not in trouble financially, and will be able to support the Wii U through its entire life cycle whether its a failure or not.

It seems people are looking for there to be a reason to disregard the Wii U before it even has a chance to prove itself. The Wii (and the N64 & GameCube mostly) managed to prove itself on Nintendo's own output of games. Do people really believe they won't be able to continue this throughout the Wii U's life?

I'm not worried about the console's failure at all. The 3DS turned around, the PS3 turned around, etc. etc. First party content will move systems which will get the respectable third parties to develop for the platform.
I hate EA because:
1) They have a terribly immoral marketing team (this has nothing to do with Nintendo relations)
2) They buy companies just to kill their franchises (I'm not going to list off all the good ip's I used to love that EA has murdered)
3) The lying and cheating with Nintendo - last E3 we were promised unprecedented support. EA still says they value their relationship with Nintendo. Why all the lies? Just be forward and stop being so deceitful!
4) nothing they do is respectful

Games can and should tell stories and share ideas through their mechanics. This is the intrinsic element of the medium and this is how experiences should be crafted in video games. No company does this as well as Nintendo and their echoes from the past.
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I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bit of a coping mechanism involved here ("You're not putting your games on my system of choice? FINE! I didn't want them anyway!"), but it is entirely possible to be both disinterested in EA's games and annoyed by their shitty support for Nintendo. I think you're probably taking your armchair psychoanalysis too far with the fear of ending up like the Dreamcast stuff, though.

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Wait, if that's the case then why don't Sony fans hate Capcom? Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)