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Sony to use TRILUMINOS display in upcoming Xperia 2013 flagship


Reported by Preetam Nath on Saturday, April 27 2013 5:04 pm

 Sony is planning to introduce their new Triluminos display technology with their next generation Xperia smartphone. The technology in question is being actively developed for their entire range of products including Cyber-shot cameras and Bravia televisions as well.



TRILUMINOS is Sony's exclusive new technology that allows for far greater color tones and textures to be displayed on the screen. In simple terms you could think of TRILUMINOS as simply a bigger box of color pencils to draw an image on the screen. A conventional display only has a limited box of color pencils to draw an image, whereas a TRILUMINOS display has a bigger box of color pencils with more shades of Blue, Red and Green color pencils.

As a result a TRILUMINOS display can reproduce more natural colors thanks to the expanded color gamut and display various shades of colors closer to reality than a conventional display. A TRILUMINOS display can output true, natural shades of colours – like hard-to-reproduce reds, greens and blues. Faces look better, too, with rich, lifelike skin tones

How does it work?

TRILUMINOS is basically a filter that is placed between the White LED backlighting and the display panel. This means that the White LED backlight is now turned into RGB backlight which is what allows Sony TRILUMINOS displays to show a wider range of colors. Traditionally RGB LED backlighting is much more expensive to implement whereas TRILUMINOS filter is cheaper to implement and provides the same benefits.

Along with a boost in color gamut, TRILUMINOS filter also boosts the contrast and viewing angles.


Since TRILUMINOS displays can show a much wider color gamut than the broadcast standard Rec.709 gamut, Sony is integrating TRILUMINOS color gamut capture in its upcoming 2013 Cyber-shot cameras, Handycam camcorders and the recently announced Alpha A58 DSLR and NEX 3N camera. With TRILUMINOS color the cameras will capture videos and pictures in the expanded TRILUMINOS Color Gamut so you can watch them in all their glory on Sony TRILUMINOS displays.

Bravia X9 and W9 series, 2013 Sony Bluray players and Home theater systems already feature TRILUMINOS color and later in the year more products will feature TRILUMINOS displays - Vaio laptops, Xperia smartphones and Sony Projectors. The upcoming next gen console from Sony - the PS4 also will have TRILUMINOS color support.

When do we see TRILUMINOS in action?

Our internal sources reveal that Sony's next generation Xperia smartphone is already in the works. It will not only incorporate TRILUMINOS Colors capture and Display but 'might' feature the monster of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset clocked at 2.3 GHz along with 2 GB of RAM and a 16 MP next generation Cyber-shot camera sensor. If our information is correct, Sony's next 2013 flagship should launch in the August-October timeframe (probably during IFA 2013).

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so from what i understand if i have a tv without this technology it wont effect how PS4 colors are

 The One and Only


Hundreds of developers are falling over eachother to get this tech. Imagine it. All those grey, boring FPS games with more grey!

bananaking21 said:
so from what i understand if i have a tv without this technology it wont effect how PS4 colors are

yea, I'm pretty sure Sony will include an option for a regular color space like sRGB

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i'm sure my display doesn't look as bad as the "conventional led" examples on the picture but a wider range for the colours would be still nice.

crissindahouse said:

i'm sure my display doesn't look as bad as the "conventional led" examples on the picture but a wider range for the colours would be still nice.

yea, well, most people will view that PR picture on a sRGB monitor, which can't display the real difference

Gribble, that's a display technology, not a console or source device technology.

The rEVOLution is not being televised

this is probably just a marketing gimmick? I'm sure the average person,won't even notice a difference.

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I wonder how much the Ps4 will cost if they are adding so much new tech into it