Nintendo relation with the West is not as bad as Microsoft with Japan

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Why is everyone so obsessed on Nintendomed?

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that is true mircrsoft is pretty much none existent in japan

The 'Western' market is much larger than the Japanese market and Microsoft can easily survive without Japan.

Nintendo on the other hand will continue to struggle without substantial improvement in their performance in the western markets.

The sad part is Microsoft still has more third party support.

lol, shortest OP ever? I was expecting a detailed commentary to go with that title

But ok.....you might be right
The thing is, Japan is nowhere near as important a market as the west.

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So... Japan is irrelevant now?

Galaki said:
So... Japan is irrelevant now?

well yeah, pretty much. It is still a big market on its own, but when you consider that their gaming taste is totally different than in the rest of the world, Japan becomes a niche.

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Irrelevant? Absolutely not

However, Microsoft has proven that they are more than capable of competing in the sales "war" even without a major presence in Japan, so clearly that market just doesn't hold the same weight as the west. Especially not for MS. Sony and Nintendo would be much more lost without Japan support than MS.

Pretty much... and is just gonna get worse when emerging economies starting to have more purchase power in the gaming market.

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I mean just look at the sales data on this site. Between the PS3, 360, and Wii, Japan has bought under 24 million home consoles this gen. The west has bought over 180 million. So of course the west is much more important than Japan.

If Japan was more important, the PS3 and 360 wouldn't be pretty much tied in sales despite PS3 selling like 8 times more consoles in Japan