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What could they be for? They do look a bit piratey to me. Nathan Drake's ancestors?



“It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grams a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it had been announced that the ration was to be reduced to twenty grams a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it.”

- George Orwell, ‘1984’

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tlou skins if you ask me

If we don't get Uncharted 4 on PS4 il cry. People saying oh they should do a new ip.. The Last of Us..

PlaystaionGamer said:
If we don't get Uncharted 4 on PS4 il cry. People saying oh they should do a new ip.. The Last of Us..

Lol so true. They have two dev teams for a reason. Though I would love a new ps4 ip along with uncharted 4.

Game may be set 18-19th century? Clothing of left character reminds me of

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Sony registers "The Order: 1886"

its a completly new game that will be called "Jak bandicoot : the last of uncharted" its a completely new IP that is set in the world of wild zombie animals, with the hero's hunting for the long hidden treasures of the famous crash. the game will be a new IP with epic movie-like set pieces taking part while the hero's are ridding racing karts and climbing up on ancient buildings while two really hot girls (one blond and one from UK) are shaking there asses while your best friend "zully" keeps smoking cigars.
the voice actor for the main hero is a unknown yet extremely talented voice actor called west nolan. this is Mr. west's first time voice acting a video game

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pirates !

riderz13371 said:
Sony registers "The Order: 1886"

Bingo, this could be it. The clothing of the left character really supports this theory.

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i know people want a new uncharted but i seriously hope they never make one again, people said same thing about jack and dexter, if they kept milking jack and dexter we would never got uncharted.

i want a new IP and i am sure naughty dog can make and ip even better than uncharted.