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Battlefield 19

Call it defensive or call it long-term planning, but Electronic Arts has gone out and registered dot-com domains for Battlefield 13 all the way through Battlefield 20.

On May 2, EA registered each of the names through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company (CSC), adding to its ever-growing collection of Battlefield-related web addresses which includes its crown-jewel, a name that EA spent $80,000 USD to acquire.

As of today, EA now owns, –, and – – are owned by other parties, not associated with Electronic Arts.

By comparison to its biggest competitor, Activision, through and beyond, are not registered at the time of this story being published.

EA is expected to release Battlefield 4 this fall.

The Shooter Generation here to stay confirmed!? EA seems to think so. I wish i could say the same about RPG's, be it western or japanese.

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Next Gen, baby!


Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.

Chandler said:

Next Gen, baby!


lol off topic, but i couldn't help myself :D

They're going to annualize the franchise just like all their sports games!

Battlefield is going to be yearly release like Call of duty,

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Buying would be a good long term investment. EA would have to pay you millions for the domain once they get there!

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