Japan sales: Famitsu, MediaCreate & Dengeki Week 18 (golden week Apr 29 - May 05 )

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Anyway... Golden Weak! (I can't believe I'm the first one to say this).

Still, a few interesting things here and there. 3DS got a nice sizeable bump. Down on last year's GW, but the #number it has been boosted by compared to the week before is about the same. Interestingly, though, the week before GW last year was higher than the actual GW for 3DS this year.

Sony hardware across the board getting pretty non-existent bumps, which is a shame but I suppose I should've been expecting it. Everything down on GW last year in fact, except Vita which you know... was a wreck this time last year, so not surprising.

Wii-U is up to an actually-quite-pleasing number on Media Create though. I think it bodes well for the system. They already have those perennial titles for it that'll give it bumps in holidays like this; so when more come (and they are coming) it'll only spell better. Can't say the same for the rest of the world but in Japan, I think it'll be absolutely fine by this time next year.

Software is a whole other kettle of fish. Luigi impressing me most out of all the games up there, really. Wii's drum game & Dragon Ball also doing really well for themselves.

It's a shame PhotoKano is the sole representation for Vita on the charts now. I suppose it's not surprising either, but they still haven't found a leggy title to stay in the charts at times like this. I wonder what those 22k new Vita owners actually bought with their new console in terms of hard copies of games. Maybe they're all digital!

Oh, and the disparity between the two trackers is beginning to become a bit of a pain. Especially when they can hit it so close on things like PS3 and yet be so different on PSV, for the second week running.

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a little boost for Wii U. Not bad. 3DS and Vita the same

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People are not finding those bumps in SW impressive? Too much focus on HW, which is meh, but dat top 3 increases.

Now let's hope that next week numbers do not decrease as steeply as last year.

Not too great. But I suppose with no major releases in a long time it is expected.

Pretty boring Golden Week. Only the 3DS recieved a notable hardware boost and even then the 3DS is still down from Last Year. I am a bit amused by the pseudo trinity that the 3DS has again. I wonder if Friend Collection for the 3DS will have legs like the DS version. Luigi's Mansion will likely hit 1 million in the fall. Run for the Money is approaching 500,000. Isn't Run for the Money a game based on a Japanese Game show? Dragon Ball Heroes is doing pretty well. Namco seems to be finding a lot of success on the 3DS. Level 5 has also been doing well on the 3DS. I have to wonder what next weeks drop is going to be like. Kind of makes me wish we could skip next week.

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So, any hopes of having more titles starring Luigi with Luigi's Mansion 2's success? Or will it be another 10 years?

They can't be stopped...


Nothing new this week?

It is official. Japan loves the 3DS!

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Wow Tomodachi!


Some golden week...

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NEET said:
Everything but the Vita, PSP, Wii, WiiU, 360 had fairly large bump, still well down on last year though.