Forums - Gaming Discussion - What gaming company gives you a bitter after taste?

I have bitterness on...

Sony 84 22.22%
Microsoft 72 19.05%
Nintendo 19 5.03%
Activision 26 6.88%
Rockstar 6 1.59%
EA 113 29.89%
Capcom 22 5.82%
Blizzard 4 1.06%
Naughty Dog 4 1.06%
Others... 28 7.41%

Name a company/ies and why?

Personally i have a bitterness with rockstar.  I usually just go for a single console each gen.... and as a 3rd party game maker, they shouldve made an effort to work for the nintendo console.... yes im biased as F*cked....

They produce great games, so i want to see them on all console.



This might thread is DOOMED to be close unless we keep it decent


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Erm ... Crapcom. They were my honey buns last gen and the gen before that, but now ... not so much. I was a bigger Capcom fanboy than a Sony/Nintendo enthusiast at one point, but the way how they approached gaming this gen was atrocious. They will have to do a lot to get me back in bed with them.


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Frankly ALL. I think just about every company has done at least one (what I consider a) dick move and given me a bad aftertaste. But business interests and gamer interests don't always align so c'est la vie.


I don't care about most of the companies that people rage over (for instance, I never play Capcom games aside from the oldschool 2d mega man games).

For me it would be EA.

EA. I feel dirty if I buy a new game from them. I buy their games used whenever possible.

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J_Allard said:
EA. I feel dirty if I buy a new game from them. I buy their games used whenever possible.

wow EA is that bad huh


Hmmm, probably Nintendo home consoles. I used to be a huge fan of them since the n64, but the wii is just atrocious imo. Once I got past the freshness of motion controls, the consoles itself simply gathered dust. Then again, I probably should have thought more about buying a console just for smash bros, metroid, and third party games. xD It was probably the biggest waste of money I have spent on a console since the psp. So I'm more weary of their home consoles now.

For me, it isnt on your list but its Namco-bandai.

They make loads of tales games (and other JRPG's), in random consoles and then piss on our faces and dont bring them to the west. I love the tales series, but i've reached my limit with them this gen. I am completely blocking all games by Namco bandai. Not buying another game from them until they bring all tales games they release in Japan on current consoles to the western market.
I find revolting the way they treat us as second hand customers. I pay as much or maybe more than Japanese gamers for their products, i dont deserve that kind of treatment. And as such i give that treatment back to them. No tales localisation, no game sales. They are a second hand publisher for me aswell.

J_Allard said:
EA. I feel dirty if I buy a new game from them. I buy their games used whenever possible.

Then you don't have the right to bitch about a studio getting shut down when several games they develop in a row fails to produce a profit.  You and others like you are part of the problem, especially since there's a good chance that you "may" have less of a reason to dislike EA than those of us who actually grew up with and played some of the major franchises that are no longer available, most which are exclusively PC.

Activision they somehow manage to release a similar game every year (call of duty) and make it the most hyped game ever, running the game into the ground for all it's worth (like they did with Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk) while releasing DLC which makes the game cost twice as much as it originally did. I shouldn't really talk as i have bought every one from Call of Duty 4 to Black Ops 2 but i'm just bored of it now. Time for a new franchise i think.

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