Final SSBB Roster, what character's are you lookng forward to playing?

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There are so many I can't wait to try... R.O.B., Diddy, and Toon Link (I'm serious) are all really high on my list too.

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1.- Lucario
2.- Pokemon Trainer
3.- Metaknigth
4.- King Dedede
5.- Sonic or R.O.B.

1.- Ganondorf
2.- Peach
3.- Ice Climbers
4.- Kirby
5.- Pikachu

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I'll try them all.

But I'll unlock them with Jigglypuff.

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Toon Link

King Dedede


I'm a Link/Falco whore, and the thought of Wolf makes me lust for the game. I'm sure Lucario will be a sumbitch too.

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The one that's highlighted in the pic at the top is definitely not my number 1 choice >_>.

However snake has inched up to the top over the past few weeks.

Riot Of The Blood said:
Sonic and Meta Knight.

I really wish this game had cooler characters.

If you think Iori Yagami is cooler than Snake, you are veeery wrong... j/k :P

I might just hit random for the first go. Yea thats what my plan is.

But I'm looking forward to trying out sonic and snake.

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Not all heavyweights sucked, I got friends that are DK pro's I think it's just your own playing style, I can't stand Captain Falcon or any really fast character other then Pikachu, each one feels different and can complement your playing style or they don't and end up sucking to you, people believe Ness sucks and when I beat them down with him they act shocked.

*On Topic*
Well no more secrets I see, great roster no doubt, I'll be playing as Ness, Lucas, Toon Link, TP Link, Pikachu, PT, Lucario, and now Wolf it seems, I'll end up trying them all but I'll play against people with all those listed above, I usually have to have a couple of alt's like Wolf that don't mesh with me well that way I can be on level with my friends and they don't get mad that I win EVERY game.

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