Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Prediction thread: Will Wii U's 3D Mario sell more or less than Super Mario Galaxy?

More or less?

More 66 34.38%
Less 126 65.63%

The more I think of it, the less I'm sure. What do you guys think? More or less? By about how much more or less would you guess at this point in time?

Realistically the total install numbers of the Wii U will be down over the Wii lifetime, but just as well it's a more "hardcore" targeted title that would sell consoles by itself anyways, and the tech leap from the Wii to the Wii U is a much greater one than we saw from the GCN to Wii, and as a result the wow factor should be much greater as well to also positively affect sales.

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As long as Nintendo fixes the Wii U, then it will probably get close to what the second one did.

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With a more core focused system you see 3d mario selling better and 2d mario selling worse. This is what happened on 3ds and will repeat on Wiiu.

^ I think people are just burnt out on NSMB more than anything, which isn't something I'd expect to effect a next gen 3D Mario obviously.

Not even close. In terms of Tie-ratio, there's a good chance it will blow it out of the water, but in absolute terms, I don't imagine it will do too much better than the NSMBU.

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less. 5mil lifetime

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^ You realize Sunshine sold over 5.5 million lifetime don't you? Are you predicting the Wii U will sell even less than the Gamecube?

Less, there aren't nearly enough Wii U consoles in homes to sell 10 Million+ software units. It won't be possible. It'll probably be the best 3D Mario to date but the sales probably wont' beat it. Maybe, who knows. This is just how I see it.

Maybe around 50% of Galaxy, eventually.

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It's a system seller. The Wii U install base now has nothing to do with this game.