Star Wars Battlefront 3 Alpha footage from 2008 (Free Radical version)

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This video has been doing the rounds of popularity on reddit here, so I thought it was worth sharing with you guys.

I'm surprised how close to completion.  Obviously, a few areas to be improved and the low-res video doesn't do it any favours, but if this is real (and it certainly seems to be) then holy shit... the fact that I'm not playing this game right now is a travesty.

The fact that the game was completely scrapped and (by the sounds of various rumors) Slant Six were working on another version... makes absolutely no sense to me.

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i just wanna cry when i see this :( could have been amazing .....

and they release shit like force unleashed instead....

Dammit, I loved the battlefront games.

i wanna cry.. it looks so amazing :(

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I really liked BF2 . footage looked good too

I think I'd pay for the alpha version


Another post about it on reddit, this time an AMA from a guy who says he was QA during this version of BF3:


And he says here that there was a Wii version of the game!