What game have you rack up the most hours playing?

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Disgaea 400 hrs (Made a God)
Pokemon Red +- 300h (Children sure can grind)
Makai Kingdom 230h
Final Fantasy X +-200h (3 Playtroughs)
Phantom Brave 120h
Final Fantasy XII 120h
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 80h
Mugen Soul 80h
Final Fantasy XIII 70h

In fact I'm impressed on how man,y hours I played on solo games.

Btw the 200 hours I spent on Makai Kingdoms were all played during two weeks, on summer holidays

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I'm WELL above the 100 of days played in WoW on my main alone. I'm not subscribed anymore so I can't tell you a exact number, but it should be around 150days of playtime, if not close to 200.


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I should have 1000+ on Mario Kart Wii due to clan gaming. But I have had the game on all day when it was new to check records (have a website for that game) and my girlfriend also played it.
Mario Kart Double Dash is surely 1000+ as well.
Besides all other Mario Karts, Burnout Paradise stands out with something around 150

hmmmm counting my whole gaming life it is probably going to be
space invaders
missile command.
each of those would be in the hundreds of hours, possibly even 4 figures, berserk was the first game I ever clocked.

Final Fantasy 7
Halo 3
Super Mario World
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter 2
Phantasy Star Online

After I finish a game I like to move to the next one. But those are the titles I recall playing avidly for years.

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Pokemon games
Over 2000 hours playing the series.

Farsala said:
Weedlab said:

Smash Bros. Melee …. Close to 10,000 hours
Smash 64 is around 9,500
Metal Gear Solid 2 is just over 1,000 hours
Uncharted 2 around 500 hours

Man I thought my WoW was excessive but, 812 days ie :2 years and 82 days  just playing those 2 smash games! That is a lot of time!

haha .. Back when I was in primary school (and secondary) the workload was fairly easy so I didn't have to dedicate much time towards studying in order to do well. That's a big reason why I played those games a lot back then and why I hardly play any game after beating them on hard these days. Plus, I played them often in the arcades (competitions and just for fun) and at home in order to stay sharp. My hours are higher since I didn't factor in the time at the arcades.


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So what I learn from this thread is never get into MMO games. lol

Pokemon Emerald - +900hrs
Smash Bros Brawl - +200hrs
Rune Factory Frontier - +120hrs
Harvest Moon Animal Parade - +110hrs
Tales of S - +85hrs
Arc Rise Fantasia - +60hrs

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Wow, some of you guess make my gaming habits look like a very minor hobby (admittedly, I've been so busy last couple years I've spent maybe 2 hours per week, if that, during the college months)

Diablo II - 300+ hours
Final Fantasy XIII - 200+ hours
Devil May Cry 4 - 200+ hours
Bayonetta - 60 hours
Assassin's Creed II - 45 hours
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - 35 hours
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 25 hours

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