Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why is it so hard for Nintendo to release games for it's systems?

Before we start out. I know you all are going to say, but Nintendo has so many great games out right now. Blah blah blah.



What does Nintendo not understand about getting games released? Either third party, first party, or anything else in the middle. Sony, as we have seen from the COMG chart, is fully capable of making it happen and look easy while doing it. Yet in April the Wii had a release, the Wii U had a release, and the 3DS had just a few releases as well. This chart up above is just Japan only. Sony dominated with game releases just in Japan. So WW as a whole, Sony have more releases than Nintendo.

WHAT is the deal? Just get the games out! At least that is what I think. Yes, this chart mainly looked the same in April as well.

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There is only one Sony published title in that list. So the simple answer is 3rd party support.

Nintendo's unwillingness to expand 1st party studios.
Their own quality standards which make them constantly delay games to make em better.
Lack of major 3rd party support. (Though 3DS has PLENTY now, man gotta be loving that.)

Nintendo handhelds have historically been fine. Nintendo consoles on the other hand....yeah. Lots of software droughts.

What they SHOULD do is create a massive back catalog of VC games and the like to keep everyone happy. Classic Nintendo could last someone for a good 2 years. What they WILL do is drip-feed. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

Nintendo develops/publishes FAR more titles than Sony and MS

But 3rd party support is beyond their direct control.


yeh.. no third party support.. what do u expect...


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Gamerace said:
Nintendo develops/publishes FAR more titles than Sony and MS

But 3rd party support is beyond their direct control.

^ this, 

Nintendo is not that big a company, yet they have to support two platforms. Their small size is only highlighted by a lack of third party support. If they only needed to support a single platform, their average of about 20 games a year would be plenty.

Love and tolerate.

Nintendo is just one company who like all others can't release games 24/7. They have to be made first afterall.

Prejudice by third parties. A lot of them will not even bother with Nintendo systems while they will keep putting games on other platforms, even if they suffered losses.

Since you already brought up Japan and the COMG chart, in 2012 you could clearly see that many third parties were sticking to the PSP and holding out in hopes for the Vita to pick up, rather than switching to the 3DS which has been by far the hottest system in Japan in recent times. The 3DS may have a huge lead over the PSV in Japan, but that still doesn't mean that the 3DS will end up with more game releases than the PSV in the coming years. And that's something Nintendo can't really do anything about; all they can do is continue to release first party games and grow the installed base and hope that third parties drop their prejudices eventually.

Mr. spurgeonryan, have you ever felt that you can't please certain VGC members, no matter what you do? That's pretty much how the relationship between Nintendo and third parties works.

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Nintendo released more games for the Wii than they had any home console since the NES.

The reason there is a drought is that they put too much developmental focus on 3DS. Games like Luigi's Mansion 2 and Paper Mario: Sticker Star should have come out on Wii U. That is all.