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Now what I'm saying is that games aren't getting less original, I mean that children likely grew up with many more adventure games like Super Mario, Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot fifteen years prior to now, but many children are now overlooking this creativity to jump on the Bandwagon of shooters like Call of Duty. Is it the case that while still a large proportion still enjoy the adventure genre, the appeal of shooters and other sports games is that envoke our competitive nature where we would ideally reign on top? 

So put straight, as a fan of both single player and online, I feel the balance of both can still keep the indsutry afloat with creativity and competiveness. Activision are not stupid and realised the appeal of competitive games many years ago, even if some would still pan their choice to make annual installments. 

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To note: This is my first thread in some-time.

That would be bad parenting if you would gives your kids games like call of duty, god of war or gears of war.. There are still plenty of adventure games like the lego games, epic mickey, kirby, suitable for younger people

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The variety of games available is wider than ever. It is up to an individual to decide what they do with their disposable income and free time. Peer pressure can be a factor in kids just getting shooters and sports game but there are lot of others who play games like Minecraft. Seen some really creative stuff from younger games on that game.

Also Parents should follow the rating system at least somewhat. Handing over gruesome games to 10 year old's is certainly not wise parenting.

Kids don't need creative games. They can get that elsewhere. Like those Pixar movies.

Playing video games should prepare them for war or zombie attacks.


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I don't know what to say. I grew up playing Half-Life and Counter Strike; yet I've learned troughout the years to appreciate the charm of a Monkey Island game, or Braid.

It all depends upon the person playing. There's people I know that will be forever stuck playing Battlefield 3 matches (I don't have a problem with this, though. To each its own) until Battlefield 4 is released, and won't ever think of try Flow or Journey. It has nothing to do with playing them when you are a kid. If I don't recall wrong, I remember playing Worms with them; that's a seriously friendly-competitive, strategical game which encourages both tactics and creativity.

If I had a kid they would be playing Sly (HD and Thieves in Time), Jak HD, Ratchet HD and the PS3 games before All4One, LittleBigPlanet, Guacamele, LEGO LotR, and Batman AA and AC for a start. All creative and all awesome for all ages.

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I think that is the least of kids today worries.

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