Wii U owners: What is your favorite reason for liking Wii U?

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What is your favorite reason for liking Wii U?

Fast in game web browser 6 2.18%
Off screen play 63 22.91%
Touch screen controls 15 5.45%
Nintendo games in HD 107 38.91%
ZombiU 3 1.09%
Backwards compatibility 7 2.55%
Gamepad is a TV/TVii remote 4 1.45%
Touch control playon.tv 0 0.00%
Affordable external storage 1 0.36%
see results 69 25.09%

I thought up a few distinguishing features that sets the WiiU apart from the hdtwins. Simple things that make the difference. If i didnt list something in the poll lmk.

My favorite is the touch screen. Maybe its the obvious choice but not an easy one for me to make. Heres why I like it: immersion. Never having to pause an experience. Inventory and everything at your disposal. It makes multiplats like darksiders ii better, so much better. Games like skyrim, with its awful inventory, could stand to benefit.

My second favorite feature is the "fast as hell" in game web browser. Usually when i'm lurking vgchartz it's on Wii U with a game running in the background. And the browser kicks some serious ass.

Third is playon.tv It lets me control movies on the tv while i browse the net with the gamepad. The touch screen makes choosing movies fluid. I got a year free but im getting the lifetime subscription. Every Wii U owner with a pc should have it.

Fourth is ZombiU. It was worth the admission.

That was it. I felt like doing a thread like this for awhile. Hopefully someone who never played a WiiU before might see something posted in here and understand theres more than brand loyalty when it comes to Wii U owners.

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Nintendo, that's the main reason I love my WiiU! ;D


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There is not just one reason to like it, but you covered most of it for me already lol :P

The eShop is quiet well done, Miiverse doesn't have as many crazy people due to good modding, html5 porn sites work like gang busters, and will download updates and install them even after you turn the console off.

I bought the WiiU because I feel they are coming back with core titles. So far I haven't necessarily been happy with my purchase but i know i will be eventually because I believe nintendo will offer me good titles through out this gen starting with this holiday.

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All the amazing games.

Nintendo games in HD

i voted for off tv play but my real reason for its purchase is the upcoming Zelda HD. sure there are some other (Nintendo) games but Zelda is 1 of my 5 franchises (Wind Waker HD too but that was announced after purchase).

Nintendo games in HD and off-screen play.

I voted Off-Screen-play, that is much cooler than I thought before buying it. But the main reason I like it is naturally MH3U, which was not listed.

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