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GT Countdown:Top Ten Games We Want From Rare



Could the next Xbox be the stage for a Rare comeback? We imagine a future where Rare is freed from making avatar games. (8:56)


1. Killer Instinct
2. Perfect Dark
3. Banjo-Kazooie
4. A DKC-style platformer
5. Battletoads
6. A Kart Racer
7. Wizards and Warriors
8. An original RPG
9. Conker
10. Blast Corps




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Rare must be feeling the pressure, having so much expected from them.

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1. Conker

2. Killer Instict

3. banjo kazooie

4. Kart Racer

5. FPS

That is what I want

All what I want is they come back to Nintendo. lol

I'll take anything not Kinect related.

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in b4 Rare is dead trolling or Kinect-trolling...

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I would love a Donkey Kong 64 sequel now with more collectibles, stages and characters

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Kart racer makes a lot of sense to me. I dug up this old post to describe the details:

An old-school Battletoads beat-em-up would be a lot of fun, too. Maybe release it on XBLA with online co-op.

But most of all I'd like to see Rare create something really special for Xbox 3. An original, ground-breaking IP that takes full advantage of Kinect 2.0. To be honest, I don't have a lot of faith left in the studio, but, like Mulder, I want to believe.

JayWood2010 said:
1. Conker

2. Killer Instict

3. banjo kazooie

4. Kart Racer

5. FPS

That is what I want

By FPS do you meam something similar to perfect dark? Your list is similar to mine I'd say. Conker would top my list too.

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I want:
1. Banjo Kazooie
2. Kart Racer
3. Conker

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