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Post your favourite video of the week or of all time in general.

A new personal favourite is "Dragonzball Pee Pee".

I laughed so hard watching this 


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Just the name gives me a laugh. The video is really weird though and odd.

LOLOL .. this is why Dragon Ball will never die.



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Slight NSFW...


Surgeon simulator and birgirpall ("burgerpaul") = a winning combination: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYjCXjIeNJk


This is pretty funny. I love the German accent that he does. :p

this video is driving me crazy

Tsubasa Ozora

Keiner kann ihn bremsen, keiner macht ihm was vor. Immer der richtige Schuss, immer zur richtigen Zeit. Superfussball, Fairer Fussball. Er ist unser Torschützenkönig und Held.

Nothing beats Dragon Ball Z Abridged!


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