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Did you go to University?

Yes 139 79.43%
No 17 9.71%
I want to in the future 19 10.86%

In October, i will be going to university and i will be the first in my family to do so, which is a big achievement in itself. I hope to be going to the university of Essex. I will be studying History for 3 years and i can't wait. So who here on Vgchartz went to University? Fell free to say about your expieriences there if you want

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I just graduated from Guelph for Zoology and Ecology and I have an interview for Vet School on monday.

Congratulations on getting into uni btw - it'll be a great experience

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went to university here, finished it as well

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I went to university and graduated a little over 2 years ago. Good luck!

My 2nd semester starts on Monday^^

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First congratulations! There is no better feeling than that of graduation. University provides the structure to learn things you could teach yourself. I have poor memory so school was hard. Im glad its over and I have alot of confidence from it. My only advice : buy international version of book (buy online) theschool is gonna rip you off.

Yup also used to study History for a few semesters. Don't worry (in case you do) it's far from impossible to achieve good marks.

Even I, who didn't have History for 2 of my last 3 years at school, was not among the worst during tests or seminar papers

I did :) Diploma in computer science.

Yup graduated in September in Environment and sustainable technology. Good luck mate!



Went to uni myself and what I really discovered is at the end of the day for most jobs it is meaningless.

So many people in my industry started out as juniors and just worked their way up.