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The big three should be...

Mario, Zelda and Metroid 93 39.41%
Mario, Zelda and Pokemon 88 37.29%
Mario, Zelda and Smash Bros. 24 10.17%
Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong 10 4.24%
Mario, Zelda and Kirby 2 0.85%
Something else 11 4.66%
I'm gonna go hide in a corner now 8 3.39%

Why is Metroid always listed as one of the big three? Nintendo have plenty of franchises that sell more. Donkey Kong and Super Smash bros just to name two, if you count Pokemon as a Nintendo franchise (and it is, so count it!) it really should be over both metroid and zelda. As far as I understand here it's about the quality of the Metroid series, but at the same time, the likes of Smash bros also are unquestionable when it comes to quality. Also, when people name the big three of this and that, they usually use sales not quality. 

What do you think? Should Metroid be changed out? Or is the place deserved?

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Metroid is part of the "hardcore 3" Well I mean nothing to do with Mario 3 lol.

Not "sales kings 3" Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

In terms of sales no. But in terms of fanbase I think it is. 

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I actually asked this myself. I mean Pokémon should be one of the big three not Metroid.

In terms of sales: Mario, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart (excluding "Wii" games cause we're not sure if they'll make a new one for the Wii-U  No Successors have come out yet for the "Wii" games)

In terms of Fanbase: Mario (Kart included, Smash excluded), Pokemon, Zelda

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Sadly it's not if it was we would have had 25th anniversary of Metroid.

it should be the big six with Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Donkey Kong and Pokemon

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Consoles -- Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda
Handhelds -- Mario, Mario Kart, Pokémon

NOT Zelda any more. It's just not selling enough.

Mario, Pokemon and Wii Sports should be the 3.

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Roma said:
it should be the big six with Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Donkey Kong and Pokemon

Pikmin over Kirby? I don't think so haha.

Hell, Smash Bros should be in there before Pikmin despite having only one title per generation. Brawl sold more than all Pikmin releases combined.