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Which game will sell more lifetime globally?

Battlefield 4 55 35.03%
COD Ghosts 102 64.97%

Does Battlefield 4 have a realistic chance of outselling COD Ghosts globally?

Battefield 3 sold about 6.78 million (xbox) and 6.36 million (PS3).  Black Ops 2 is at around  12 million (xbox) and 10 million (ps3), although the sales are monstrous, sales were significant drop-off (~ 20% decline) from Modern Warfare 3 (14.9 million (xbox) and 12.1 million (ps3)). 

If Battlefield 4 can make a significant jump in sales to around 8 or 9 million for each console and COD Ghosts continue to decline another 20-25% in total sales from BO2, then it'll be close.

I'm not figuring in PS4 or Nextbox sales, as I don't think these numbers wil be all that much.  Also, lots of questions whether COD on the next gen console will look substantally behind Battlefield, or does COD really have a next gen engine for the next gen console?





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There was a huge increase in sales from Modern Warfare 1 to Modern Warfare 2, so I do think Battlefield 4 can get close to 9 million on each console....

I love Battlefield, but I don't see it growing much from where 3 was. I would consider it quite a success if 4 matched 3 in sales, actually. This genre is quickly going to be flooded by way too many AAA franchises with now Respawn Entertainment and Bungie creating new ones...

I feel like CoD is going to win this year.

I think they have a good chance of hitting parity this go around. Activision indicated that sales for COD will be down this year and depending on the mix (X360, next xbox, PS3 and PS4) i can see they making progress on COD, especially if the new one is not well received.

CoD will easily outsell it again.

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Of course Ghosts will do better. I would be shocked if Battlefield 4 beat it.


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Ghosts will win.. BF4 will be messed up with micro transactions by EA.. I expect even more stupidity then the BF3 "shortcuts"


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I would love to say that i will be buying bf4, but if EA continues the same on line drm and micro transactions i won't bother. Not sure on ghosts yet

As much as I hate COD and how much it pains me to say this, but Ghosts will easily win.

Honestly, I see the new CoD game as one that could potentially be pretty unique and good if I am reading into it right. Voted for CoD because we all know that people love their CoD more than almost anything (except Mario).