Forums - Gaming Discussion - Random Thought: If Call of Duty never existed how would the gaming industry look today?

Before you say it, I'm not bashing the Call of Duty franchise, and this have nothing to do with Cod: Ghost. Since people claim Cod as the bandwagon of other devs companies starting making their own Cod like shooters. If Cod never exsited or gotten as famous as it is today, do you think the gaming industry would be in a better state, would we have seen more new IPs what's your take?

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Sales would most likely be more spread out and more games would sell a couple million as opposed to one game gobbling up 20+ million every year.

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Asking internet forums where people don't like CoD and are heavily in the minority is not the place to ask the question.

Chances are there would be an other game series that would take CoD's place.

Games like Tomb Raider wont have a shoe horned multiplayer and publishers like Square Enix won't expect it to sell 20-30 million copies.

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Maybe Medal of Honor would be big instead? The HD consoles would have been not as popular? Xbox Live would have flopped? Who knows...

Probably Battlefield would be the King and someone else would try to imitate its success.

Some other game with aesthetic appeal and accessible gameplay would have taken its place. And multiplayer. Something with a smooth, functional online competitive multiplayer mode.

no clue but i don't think we would get so many more creative games or whatever as many people believe. the first really successful cod was mw and even when other companies recognized that success they worked already at games not influenced by it at this time so we can look at 2008 or so too look if it got so many more creative games or jrpgs and i don't think so.

what did we get in 2008? fallout 3, halo 3, gears 2, assassin's creed, metal gear, army of two, fable, rainbow six vegas 2, fifa, uncharted... not much different to nowadays.

I can tell you this... the PS360 would have each sold several million units less in the West than they have. Whether the haters want to admit it or not, COD has been one of the biggest system sellers this gen, especially on the 360.

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