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Does Wii U have a marketing problem?

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Wii Owners, Nintendo REALLY Wants You To Buy A Wii U, OK?


Readers are letting us know that Nintendo has this evening taken the very direct step of sending out messages to Wii owners. Not to tell them that their system is being updated. To tell them their system is now out of date.


Continuing a recent exercise in the company finally realising "holy shit we really should have called this thing something else", Nintendo's message spells out as explicitly as it can that the Wii U is "an entirely new system". Not a re-release of the Wii, not an add-on, not a variant, an entirely new system. OK?


I've never seen a console need to be marketed like this before. When you need to spell things out so clearly, and directly message every single owner of your previous console, well. You appear to have a marketing problem. And a sales problem

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That's actually an extremely smart move. i see nothing bad here.

I think itīs a good move

Good idea. The best marketing effort I have seen so far from Nintendo

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wfz said:
That's actually an extremely smart move. i see nothing bad here.

I agree its smart.  It does show however how awful the marketing for Wii U has been.

Most of the mass market still honestly dont realize its a new system

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Good idea, their first decent marketing for the system.

As a Wii owners, I'll upgrade when games like Yarn Yoshi, Bayonetta 2, and Monolith Soft's X come out.

It's begging when Nintendo does it, but its just business everywhere else. Oh Kotaku..

This is better than any Wii U ads we've seen so far.

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Being that the the Wii was purchased primarily by non-gamers, I doubt 85% of the owners even will see that message because the console isnt even plugged into the internet.

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I'm not sure these people understand the meaning of the word "begging".