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With E3 a little over a month a way I thought it was time to make some E3 predictions.  

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Uncharted 4
Gran Turismo 6 PS3
Killzone PS4
InFamous PS4
New IP Santa Monica
Beyond Two Souls
Vita Killzone
Vita Sony Bend Title
PS4 Information
Final Fantasy Vs is 15

Halo 2 Anniversary
Project Gotham Racing
Rare New IP
Lionhead New IP
Forza 5
Black Tusk Studios New IP
Ryse NeXbox
Battlefield 4/CoD Presentation
Bungie Destiny Presentation


Mario Kart U
Super Smash Bros
Mario 3D
Zelda Wind Waker
Project X
Pikmin 3
Retro New Title

Tyler Durden and Jack Returning in Fight Club 2   

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IDK if I'd call this a prediction but I really hope they announce PS2 classics on Vita. I want to play Persona 3 FES again but I'd rather play on my Vita than on PS3.

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Kingdom Hearts III announcement, hopefully for PS3

Release date for FF Versus XIII, I don't care if it's relased for PS4 or  not, as long as it's released for PS3

Release date for Persona 5, PS3 too

Zelda WiiU info (name, setting, not only a teaser of the teaser)

Mario 3D info

Info about Xenoblade WiiU game (honestly, I hope it's a Xenoblade Chronicles sequel )

Mario Kart U gameplay videos!

WiiU price cut 


I predict either Kanye West or Justin Bieber in Micro's presentation.

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We will see the next Xbox and PS4 at E3. Lol I know i gave a prediction that everyone knows will happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Man, KH3 being there would make me....jesus....Just...Jesus. Too bad it's never gonna happen.

I predict Halo 5 trailer.

Uncharted 4 for PS4 teaser.


Price points for both next gen consoles(obvious) lol.

New Xbox IP's.

Megaman X9

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I think Sony will show a new Naughty Dog IP for PS4 to be released in 2014

They will also give full details on their online system. As in show the interface and describe pricing which I think will go like this. For streaming, spectating, free trials, and game takeover you need PS+ (as well as the current deals and cloud saves but deals won't come in till later when there's a good backlog) which will stay at it's current $50/year rate and carry over between systems (since I'm already subbed till late 2014 and Vita carries over I think this will be it).

PS4 to retail for $400 and $450. Both models will have a headset and camera as well as 3 months of PS+. The $400 model will have a 500gb HDD. The $450 model will have a download code for Knack or another small title and 1tb HDD.

Infamous Second Son regular gameplay will be shown.

Sqeenix shows trailer for FFV13 or FF15 on PS4 (probably say it's exciting and we should all be excited)

PS3 pricecut announced to $250 500gb and $200 250gb

PSVita WW pricecut announced to $200 for Wifi $250 for 3G (I want them to discontinue 3G but probably won't)

Vita memory cards will be cut to $25 for 8gb, $50 for 16gb, $75 for 32gb, and $100 for the new 64gb one. 4gb is discontinued (I want them to half the price but I'm being realistic)

Media Molecule new IP is shown for PS4 to come in 2014

Gran Turismo 6 to come to PS3 this holiday

Nintendo will show (obviously not in their usual big press conference) Mario Kart U and 3D Mario U to come this holiday

They will show a trailer for SSBU/SSB3DS to come in early 2014

They will have a new 3DS model (XL lite or something) to come this holiday

X to come in 2014

MH4 release date with new gameplay trailer (it doesn't have a release date yet does it?)

Teaser for new ZeldaU (just a title and music)

I don't pay enough attention to MS to make predictions and not knowing specs I won't predict a price.

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AbbathTheGrim said:
I predict either Kanye West or Justin Bieber in Micro's presentation.


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AshKetchum1992 said:
AbbathTheGrim said:
I predict either Kanye West or Justin Bieber in Micro's presentation.


both! and they'll have Master Chief backup dancers

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Duke of Playstation Plus

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