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What genre do you want to see in Retros next game

FPS 62 29.11%
Platformer 17 7.98%
Action / Adventure 94 44.13%
RPG 30 14.08%
Other 8 3.76%

Retro Studios, the developer behind the excellent Metroid Prime series, has been mostly quiet since the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns in 2010, but Nintendo is promising news from the studio soon.

In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, Nintendo's Hiro Yamada (who is currently serving a supervisory role on the Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS port) said that in regard to Retro's new project, the company is hoping to, "introduce it in the not too distant future." It's a vague statement, but considering Nintendo won't be holding a major press conference at E3 this year, we hope that this means we'll hear something, presumably via a Nintendo Direct, before June. 


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Probably Metroid Prime 4, hopefully it will have online multiplayer.

Hopefully Nintendo isn't using Pikmin time with this. If they are, then this could take upwards of 4 years to be revealed.

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Hnngh, dis needs to be good

I personally think they are working on 2 projects. One being an existent franchise (most likely Metroid or Star Fox) and the second one being a new IP. 

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Hoping for MP4 > New IP > Star Fox/F-Zero Reboot.

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I really hope they have a new IP to wow everyone with. Given their talent, Retro has a fantastic opportunity to create an extremely meaningful new IP.

C0LINx said:
Probably Metroid Prime 4, hopefully it will have online multiplayer.

Oh hell no.

Tacked on Multiplayer is the worst.MP2 had useless multiplayer. No one buys Metroid to "play with friends". They buy Metroid to feel sublime isolation, that alone in an alien world feel, the opposite of multiplayer.

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It's a Metroid game.