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Hi, my name is Sprydizzle, real name left blank for fear of reprisal.

Am I the only one, besides RolStoppable and Badgenome who can say whatever they  want, that is in constant fear of the mods here? I think others live in constant fear and terror here as well. I want you all to know that you are not alone. There are many others on this site who have become so fearful for their Vgchart life that they have almost disappeared from the site. Became Vgchart Hermits in a way.

Above is the only known picture of one of these Vgchart hermits. Life is not fun for these subhumans. They can only come here at night when the main mod force is fast asleep clutching their Dora the Explorer teddies. Why do they do this? Because of fear, not because it is a lifestyle choice. They have a belief that they should not be micromanaged on this site. If someone says something to them they should not have to automatically report it. They should be able to mildly defend themselves here. But that is not the case in this Utalitarian online society of power and corruption. So what is a hopeless soul to do?

That is why we are here.

12 Steps to a Happier Vgchart life

  1. When someone attacks you verbally on this site, just send a message to Badgenome or RolStoppable and ask if they will relay your message to that person. No one will get banned, and the user being bad mouthed will probably laugh and thank you for being so tactful.
  2. If someone bad mouths your favorite console, leave a comment on your wall saying " Whenever I say (insert console name) is awesome, I actually mean it is a pile of shit". That way unless mods are super diligent, they will think you are being nice, but ( code) you are not. Win win!
  3. If you are in a thread where it is obvious many people are going to get banned, just take a hit of Cocaine, then you will not even care what is going on there. By the time the shit hits the fan, you will be lying in a pool of your own drool...possibly dying, so be careful with this step. In fact, this should be number 12 as the last, final, desperate step if you are trying to not be banned.
  4. If someone insults your ideas, or Spirituality then send a message to the mods or ioi. Then proceed to wait 2-7 days for a response, then when they finally reply you can go back to that thread which must then be necrobumped, and post the proper reply. Please make sure that this individual has been banned or talked to before entering that thread again or you may be banned.
  5. Do not do anything that Spurgeonryan, Sales 2009, Andrewk, or any other banned regulars do. They obviously have not idea how to not be banned.
  6. Avoid any spam trees. Nothing ever good ever comes from them. They are usually arguments that eventually turn into straight out cussing each other out. I also have heard that Asian Prostitutes frequent them. A whole lot of trouble that you do not want to be involved with.
  7. Never say anything bad about Catholics, Egyptian people, Athiests, Evolution supporters, or The Dark Knight Rises. Just to be safe, leave Sonic the Hedghog characters out as well.
  8. Take a break from Vgchartz when you get over stimulated or angry with subjects or others. Go do real life things such as: Sewing, watching Television, Taking a car ride, sleeping, or even play a videogame. You will feel much better when you return. I promise. Or ask to be banned until E3, which seems to be the next in thing. Moderators love doing their job so much that they will take the time to ban you for that long. If you really feel upset with the site ask for a permaban and then have it removed two days later. Not only will you feel better for showing everyone that you have more power than the mods, but it will also show others that they better watch what they say to you or how they act around you or you will "FUCKING PERMABAN" yourself and then they will all pay.
  9. Dont be a dueche. What is a dueche? Lol, ask the person you dislike( who just happenes to be a dueche) what a dueche is. Say, "since you are a dueche, could you tell me what it means?" I am just kidding, that will do nothing but get you banned. But being a dueche will eventually get others annoyed at you, which will eventually result in a fight in some way. Which will insta-ban the two of you.
  10. Be respectful of others.
  11. Love yourself. How can you learn to love other members on this site if you do not even love yourself?
  12. Stake out mods profiles and and talk to them about their interests like Nintendopie does. You will never be banned if you are on the same page. They will possibly give you a rare card that looks like this below.


I know it is hard out there, but together we can all make a difference in a Ban addicts life. If you are having troubles with addiction, and you think you are going to fall back in to that cycle, please send a message to:

Get help now support Group!

Operators will get back to you as soon as possible to support you in your mental struggle.

If you would like to be a volunteer in  this support group, please request so in this thread.

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Here's your problem: People don't get banned for constructive criticism.

If you think a console isn't doing well, phrase it like, "and it failed to meet analyst expectations in the third quarter as well as not having any franchises that sell 1m+" rather than "it's a pile of shit".

If you think a person is wrong, say "I understand what you're saying but there's evidence that this thing you said was wrong and here's a better way of saying it" rather than calling them a "dueche".

If a person is flaming you, report it to a moderator or just ignore it. Imagine three people are standing behind you saying, "Leave him, spurge. He's not worth it". You said take a break from VGC when you're angry, I think that's actually a great idea.

If you're trying to be funny, there are far more clever ways of doing it than just saying something or someone sucks.


When will you finally understand that I won't insult others for you, spurgeonryan? Please stop sending me those messages.

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We have mods?

I'm not afraid of the mods at all. It's the half a dozen or so users who attack me whenever I say anything negative. In fact mods are my friends since they take care of these people.(mostly)

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Only bad trolls are afraid of mods. "Good" users don't care and good trolls troll within the rules. Mods just enforce a certain standard of trolling (Which I'm absolutely grateful for!)

No. I dont think the mods are strict enough. There is some cases that i should have been banned and wasnt. And then there is ban I have that was an unwritten rule that I actualyl talked to the moderator about. Although I saw no reason in asking it to be uplifted. I think the moderating system on this site is sketchy and is unsure on what should be moderated. Specially the mixed messages that goes around.

Can't say I notice mods for the most part, unless they're just joining in conversation.

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Can we sticky this?

Oh, spurge