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Microsoft finally makes a compelling Windows Phone ad, makes fun of Samsung and Apple rivalry


Microsoft has often been criticized for not making effective commercials—something we think that has changed recently with the Surface campaign (and back stepped with ‘Scroogled’). But what about Windows Phone? We’ve seen some interesting ones in the past but nothing that could potentially go viral (or not be cringe worthy).

That may have all just changed as a new YouTube ad has gone live on the Windows Phone channel and if this doesn’t raise consumer curiosity, we’re not sure what will.

The theme is a wedding with two sides: one audience is Apple’s iPhone and the other Samsung’s Galaxy series fans. The opposing camps begin teasing each other, poking fun at Samsung’s “giant phone” and the iPhone trend of being for our most senior adults. They soon start an all-out fight, throwing common barbs at each other in the process such as “is there an app for that!” and the NFC “boing” thing.

In the midst of the fighting are two wedding workers standing casually in all the chaos, taking photos and video of the ensuing melee with their highly visible red and yellow Lumia 920s.

Oh no she didn't!

The slogan? Don’t fight. Switch.

Dare we say we think Microsoft may have finally carved out a solid middle ground between the two sides. The ad is entertaining, sidesplitting and has a clear message. They even toss in the Engadget Reader’s Choice award at the end for extra validation. Even the color balance is perfect with the boring greys and blacks for the opposing phones while the Lumia shines in bright red and yellow.

Kudos, Microsoft. Now let us pray they actually put this on TV.




Great ad!! That was funny!


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Don't fight, switch? Worst slogan ever. Why would you switch from 2 brilliant platforms with hundreds of thousands of apps to one with very little. You can't even get Instagram on windows phone!

Well made aggressive advertising, I like it :)

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Why not use the air time to show us what is unique about your product, and why we should buy it over rival products?

The ad was funny but I still dont understand why anyone would switch haha

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rofl great ad.

Already switched to that great phone, best phone decision I've made in quite a while.

Funny. Especially with the over exaggeration of when the people get hit and go flying across the room.

I've had all three platforms and Windows phone is not even close to either of them. I currently own a Galaxy Note II but I prefer iOS out of the three. The screen size on the Note II is just too hard to resist.

Good ad. More people should switch.


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One of the worst ads I've ever seen. "Lets highlight all the cool things our competitors do and undermine the people we are targeting without showing you what our phone does"

Funny? Sure if you think making fun of the fanboys you are trying to snag is funny