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The outcome was pretty obvious in my opinion.

Since no one seems to be able to understand/care that this thread isn't actually about who would win, I'll join you. Goku wins easily. That's just a fact Superman fans will have to grasp.

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what a letdown

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it sucks that there still isn't a new death battle in over 2 months. Are people still going on about this Superman vs. Goku thing?

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As much as I hate to admit this Superman wins easily.

Talal said:
As much as I hate to admit this Superman wins easily.

Superman has no chance against Goku.

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kupomogli said:
Talal said:
As much as I hate to admit this Superman wins easily.

Superman has no chance against Goku.


Any superman (pre-crisis, post-crisis, and new52) from any era in comics could take on goku. Goku is awesome, just not superman aeesome. Even the feats of Golden age supes makes goku's seem like nothing. I love goku as a character, but to say that he can defeat the earths mightest defender (who inspired the creation of goku) is just ludicrous.

That's not the superman used in the fight. The superman used was post-crisis pre-flashpoint supes.

Those calculations they gave Goku are all messed up. For one that 40 ton thing was an obvious inconsistency he was pushing hundreds of tons worth of boulder back as a kid.

Why is SSJ2 only twice as strong as SSJ1?

Why are they multiplying the strenght of SSJ4 Goku off of Buu Saga SSJ3 when in GT Goku without any Super Saiyan was stronger than his SSJ3 Buu saga self.

It also shouldnt be only 10x stronger either. He was also alot stonger at the end of GT as opposed to the start.

Why are they calculating Goku's toughness based off of Android 16's bomb? Even if it were able to kill Goku it was a much weaker Goku that Dr Gero has not planned for.

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Oh and Superman destroying the solar system with a sneeze was due to a special dust he got from Mxylplyx.

Superman can not destroy a Solar System while Cell said he could. So SSJ3 Goku is capable of alot more.SSJ God Goku is capable of signicantly more still.