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Hi all – I am writing this in the midst CCP’s annual EVE convention in Iceland, our biggest FanFest yet. By now you have probably heard news of the upcoming launch date for DUST 514, where DUST 514 concludes its Open Beta phase, set for the very appropriate date of 5.14.2013 upon which we fully release the first and only full “Free-to-Play” shooter ever on console.

We could not be more excited to truly begin the uprising of our DUST Immortal Soldiers into the EVE Universe of New Eden. We could not ask for a better partner in PlayStation to release DUST 514 on PS3 and we could not have achieved all of the groundbreaking work without the support, feedback and passion of our Beta testers and fans.

Being surrounded by the enthusiasm of our community – both online and at FanFest in person – is an incredible experience for a developer. We spend countless hours working on the game, finally meeting and brainstorming with our users face to face is an incredible pay off, as we celebrate with literally thousands of fans here in Reykjavik in and those that are following us online.

Entering the second decade for EVE Online (May 6th is the 10 year anniversary), announcing the launch of DUST 514 and experiencing the excitement of our loyal fans, CCP could not ask for a better weekend.

Even though DUST 514 is concluding its Beta phase with the phenomenal Uprising updatewhich includes tons of new stuff, from the major graphics update, to huge new features like player controlled Planetary Conquest – this is just the beginning. We have more major updates throughout 2013 and for years to come, just like we have done with EVE Online for the past 10 years. We are honored to have you on this journey with us.

Get your Fittings ready, with the Uprising on 5.14, the EVE Universe wars on the Planets of New Eden now truly begin.

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i simply lost interest in this game. i might get interested again if the reviews are good though

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bananaking21 said:
i simply lost interest in this game. i might get interested again if the reviews are good though

You can always trust CCP to polish their games and add features constantly. EVE is 10 years old now and they're still releasing expansions for it, all completely free! So, it will be a drastically different game some time from now. I hope they port it to PS4 though, and maybe PC, because PS3 is a dying console.


New gameplay. Graphics got an upgrade too! Its lookin sweet.


Haha, nice date :P

Sadly I don't think I'll have much free time around when it releases, but I'll be sure to give this a go.

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Still looks very floaty which i didn't like while in the beta.. From the controls, machines to the weapons.. At least the graphics look better..


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well its free so may aswell give it a shot

The beta was bad.

Really, really bad.

This is the PS3/PC-hybrid, right? May need to check it out.


I tried the beta a while ago but the massive learning curve turned me off. I couldn't even figure out how to buy new guns.

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