What´s the scariest game of the 7th generation?

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Now that the 7th generation is about 6 or 7 months away from being completely over, what game would you say is the scariest one?

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Does Amnesia:The Dark Descent count? It's indie - but it is by the far most terrifying experience I have had in my entire life!


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Dead Space 2~ the music and the dark environment made it especially scary. Dead Space 3 didn't have the same effect due to the snow.

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Not Dead Space.

I'm not sure really, I never really found any game scary. Fallout 3 could be quite jumpy at times, and the juggernauts in MW2 made my blood pressure go off the charts.

Probably Amnesia: Dark Descent. I haven't even started the game, just the concept alone is that scary.

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Another vote for Amnesia.

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pezus said:
Probably Amnesia: Dark Descent. I haven't even started the game, just the concept alone is that scary.

It pisses me off so much that this game hasn't made it to any single console. Seriously, after such a long time and after surely making a decent buck on the game they should have made a port.


Ehh... I'm gonna have to buy myself a PC some time in 2014... Ehh...

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Resident Evil 6

Knowing just how much someone could fuck up something I once loved terrifies me more than you could imagine. Resident Evil 6 is a game than can potentially give you mental trauma.

Flower. It's scary that a game could be so amazing.