Forums - Microsoft Discussion - What game or feature are you hoping will be a part of the New Xbox?

For me personally I just want to play a new Gears of War on the thing.

..........and 50 GIG Bluray Disks.

There can only be one, the Xbox One. Get it Guys, the one. LOL!

The Xbox One takeover is just a matter of time. No sense in fighting it. Makes more sense to prepare for it. Go buy an Xbox One.

Prediction: Xbox One will catch the Playstation 4 worldwide because of America sales by holiday 2016.

Spending One Billion Dollars to Microsoft is like you reaching in your pocket and spending Ten Dollars. Seriously!

80 Million Xbox 360 sold and still counting shows that Playstation domination is over, Gamers everywhere have a choice, Gamers everywhere don't have to buy a Playstation if they don't want to. Thank you Microsoft.

Big Sega Fan. Skies of Arcadia is the first Rpg I ever played and ended, great Rpg for the time. Gunship battles in the sky, nuff said!

Xbox 360 is good. Microsoft leading the gaming Industry, but, who didn't see this coming? Microsoft is the largest software company in the world and has Tens of Billions in cash reserves.

The name of the next Xbox is, Xbox Infinity, to launch late 2012. Microsoft didn't go with that name or launch date, go figure!

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I cant think of a feature i would want they will not have. I am more excited for what they may have come up with that i couldn't even think of.

Jega said:

For me personally I just want to play a new Gears of War on the thing.

..........and 50 GIG Bluray Disks.

The new Gears will look brilliant. Epic working with there own engine will probably set a grapics standard for the gen, at least for a little while until other partys catch up to them anyway.


For me, I can't wait to see what entertainment features the Xfinity will ship with. No point speculating on games just yet... 21st of may is just around the corner. E3 will probably have more games on show again.

the most important thing is being able to do all those things i expect from an internet connected device. going to


Goal Post Chartz             

Killer Instinct!!!

Everyone needs to play Lost Odyssey! Any opposition to this and I will have to just say, "If it's a fight you want, you got it!"

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Blinx! :D

"When you fall off your get right back on and eat that horse!"-Goku

Ilumiroom holodeck features and more virtual reality stuff.

I either hope the graphics blow away ps4 or we get a virtual reality headset. Day 1.

I know what I don't want them to do, and that's to make the damn Kinect a requirement.

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gooch_destroyer said:
Blinx! :D

Does MS even own the IP?