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Look, we all know that the Wii u hasn't had an enviable lineup so far. It's reached the point where a "good" month consists of an enhanced 3DS port and a Lego game. But from what I've been hearing and seeing and readin, the Wii U is actually going to have a decent holiday season.

Think about it. First, what do we know is going to be released for almost certain, from September throguh December?

*Wind Waker HD

*Rayman Legends

*Batman: Arkham Origins

*Assassin's Creed 4

*Watch Dogs

*Skylanders 3


Not a bad start. But when you look at all the games that are rumored or possible for September and Q4, you get a lot more games

*3D Mario

*Mario Kart 8

*Super Smash Bros 4

*Bayonetta 2


*Shin megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

*Call of Duty 10

*Yarn Yoshi

*Grand Theft Auto 5

*Retro's Secret Project


In total, that's six big games we can depend upon, and another 10 games that are not likely but possible. Even if only four of those ten games are released from September to December, that's ten big games in four months, most of which would be exclusive. And that's not counting any surprises at this point. Like what if HAL Laboratory is cooking up a Wii U game? Or Genius Sonority? Or some other third party developer that's not Ubisoft, Activision, or Warner Bros.


Am I crazy? Or could the Wii U have this year's best holiday lineup?

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GTA5 was rumored for Wii U?


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Excluding all of the multiplat third party titles except for Skylanders - and of course Bayonetta 2 which is exclusive , I really cant see the rest of the non-nintendo titles doing so well ;x.

First party titles will shine of course.

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how many are only on wii u?

sniper989 said:
how many are only on wii u?

Only one on the first list, but all but two on the second. And even then, not every game will be on every console. For example, Batman and Rayman won't be on the PS4 and Nextbox.

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sniper989 said:
how many are only on wii u?

More than 10. It was right in the OP. (If you include the bottom list.)

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Highly highly doubt Smash Bros will come this year. Holiday 2014 at the earliest imo.

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Grand Theft Auto V isn't rumored for Wii U lol. Not even a PC version is coming this year from what we know. If anyone can find this out, what is the best selling M-rated game on the Wii? What about Wii U?

Weedlab said:
GTA5 was rumored for Wii U?

Reggie said there was a good chance GTA 5 is coming to the Wii U despite what R* said

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osed125 said:

Highly highly doubt Smash Bros will come this year. Holiday 2014 at the earliest imo.

I think it will come out early 2014, because remember Namco is also working on this game to get it out faster, and development has already been a year and a half almost.