How many Platinum trophies you think you'll have before the PS4 arrives? (POLL ADDED!)

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How many Platinum trophies you guess you'll have on your PSN profile (PS3 + PSV) before the PS4 launch?

0-1 38 30.89%
2-5 21 17.07%
6-10 15 12.20%
11-25 20 16.26%
26-50 15 12.20%
51-100 6 4.88%
100+ 3 2.44%
I want to see the results! 5 4.07%

I'm at 36 Platinums at the moment, being 33 on PS3 and 3 on PSV... Now, I've been thinking, if the PS4 arrives next November, how many Platinums would I have?

I'm guessing 40, tops 50 if I give my backlog a workout. :D

How about you guys?

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Just 1 - the same I've had for years and years.

I don't enjoy trophy hunting at all.

0. I don't usually bother to platinum games.

0 or 1.

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Zero, I don't play games for the trophies.

0 I don't have the time to platinum my games..


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I'm at 9 currently, but if I use a weekend I'll go to 20, and if I get another week I'll go to 40 with cleaning up. I'm just too lazy. So to answer your question, probably 9 (10 if I feel to do the last 2 trophies in GOW: A. ).

If I get even one plat when I have my PS4 that will be an achievement since I'm too busy to bother with the stuff, and I find they're usually not fun at all (Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2). I got the platinum trophies in Skyrim and Heavy Rain naturally without even trying since they were fun and interesting (respectively).The other stuff were just a yawn, so I'll just play the games in my backlog till I beat them on the hardest difficulty setting or till I'm bored of them.


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I'm gonna say 35

I got 6 right now, but i could go for 10


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