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Are you getting Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen?

Yes 44 61.11%
Maybe 14 19.44%
No 14 19.44%

Reviews coming in now

The Scores

Game Informer - 8.5

Vandel Online - 8.4

Official Xbox Magazine UK - 8

Eureogamer - 8

Meristation - 8

Spaziogames - 8

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That's very solid scores! In my book that's a 'great game'

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Its an expansion with the original game attached for half the price. There is nothing not to love with this offer.

Good, I have it preordered. The UK prices for this game are ridiculously low.

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I hope this comes to Plus some day, because I unfortunately don't see myself buying it.

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Sweet. It is on my to get list. I probably won't get it now since I'm very busy now, but I'll definitely pick it up around June when I have more free time.


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Wont buy, because the extra content should have been $20 DLC. I wont buy the game again.

It is the same $hit as SSFIV or UMvsC3.

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I never played Dragon Dogma but wanted to because it never went down 45 euros here :( So this Dark Arisen is the one I'll be aiming for, hopefully they screw up prices thinking it's just a merely DLC and got it cheap! :3

A Must Have. My 2012 GOTY became even better.

I gotta buy this game already.

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