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JoeTheBro said:
Is this just about sex or the other things highlighted too?

Lots of users recently are very inconsiderate of religion.

By the way, I'm still sorry about that.

Love and tolerate.

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This behavior goes across religion, race (well.. video game race i.e. console preference) as well as gender. From what I've seen people tend to just brush it off unless it gets really out of hand. If you believe it is, then creating a thread like this is a good start for positive construction, or just leaving the website (which would be unfortunate).

It's a byproduct of the demographics that make up the core community. Just as with any forum or any society.

You're right, and moderators should do better, and should be trying to do better...

...but there's always going to be issues on a big forum. I think the best thing is for everyone to have a set of thick skin?

JoeTheBro said:
Is this just about sex or the other things highlighted too?

Lots of users recently are very inconsiderate of religion.

Where I'm involved, it's about the women, but my criticism itself applies to everything in general as well.

Edit: I don't think it's acceptable to keep derogatory and "moderated" comments up because then it makes moderation more into a form of entertainment.

Moderation means you bring that comment to the proper level. You don't leave it there like a flag to continue to bring all discussion on the site down. There needs to be lines drawn and if the mods can't stand behind the standards they wish to set, then they need to step down and enlist people who are actually willing to support a standard.

I don't mean that as a slap towards any particular moderators. It is just my honest thought.

Well, I don't think Galaki was trying to be mean or insulting, but his attempt at humor was a bit much. That sort of thing is a joke that you play on a good friend or someone you know well, not a random person on the internet.

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I totally agree too. Only a child responds like that.


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i read your post and i have to say i agree.
while you will get a huge number of posters saying that they agree the problem is still there, even if a lot of users still do agree that doesnt mean any will do anything about it. the thing is that women on here are a minority, and the number of women is really small, im not saying that that fact gives people the right to act offensive towards women, but im saying that its much more likely that the issue will not be thought of because of it.

coming to think about it i feel that the best way to help solve this problem is to make one of the regular female posters a MOD. that way any posts like the one you showed wont be just disregarded as a joke. honestly i never realized this is an issue until now, and i think a lot of others would feel the same, and honestly that might be a big reason of why this is issue is happening

i also find it that i do at times makes jokes that some women would be offended by so if i did upset any females by my posts i do apologize, though i never address women with these jokes but usually when joking around with other male users.

i have to say though, out of all the criticism directed to the mods this is the first one that has any basis. and i honestly do agree with you and hope that the community does find a solution

It is not only our Blue Slime Rocket and it is not only PMS jokes. Certain users on this site (mostly senior members) seem to be able to get away with anything, all you will hear is along the lines of "Hurr durr, he's always been like this. That's just who he is. Deal with it."

Fuck this, I don't care if he got away with violating the forum rules for years. I do my best to follow the forum rules and keep up a normal discussion, so if someone purposely breaks them he should be punished accordingly. I understand that the mods have LOADS of works to do and can't possibly keep controlling all threads. But reporting certain people doesn't seem to have any impact at all.

Btw. I wholeheartedly (is this even a word? :D) agree with all of your points, Marucha^^

i don't think it has something to do that you are a woman, guys also "joke" all the time about stupid stuff related to men on this forum or anywhere else (penis jokes or whatever).  that's just how many guys are. but i don't understand why someone would talk like that to a woman since the chance is high that she doesn't like to communicate like that just because most guys have no prob with it and yes, if you report such a post moderators should do something against it if it's in the rules.

Damn.. I wish I made that joke.. Excellent executed and as the second post perfectly timed.. Even if spurgeyonryan made that thread it would have been funny.. Lets be honest.. This will never be the most intellectuel and respecting site ever.. If people are 90% of the time argueing about something unimportant as their favorite console vs that other console.. How are you expecting any respect for other sex, religion etc etc? Especially when this is all anomynous?


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