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Echoes is the best only after Prime

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Viktor said:
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Viktor said:

I think he´s just bitter, because instead of having more freedom Armature projects that actually came to fruition are 2 ports and a licensed game. Since he actually was backstabbing Nintendo and getting fired because of this, it really is no surprise to me that he says somthing along the line of "because I thought all the Prime games suck." instead of not beeing happy with doing creatively bankrupt port jobs.

In what way did he backstab nintendo? I was under the impression that there were a handful of people that left retro...

Trying to stage a mass exodus of a company behind the backs of management and trying to make deals with other publishers while still working for Nintendo. For some reason, Nintendo got hold of these talks on April 18th 2007, the day the studio's URL was registered, and the three were laid off.

Damn! It's like KHlover said; that IS backstabbing! Where did you get that information from? Oh, wait... was it in the article? ^^ Cuz I necer read that :P

But then I know why some employees left Retro; I've been seeing a lot of praise for the new talents they've been getting, but always wondered why a bunch of them left.

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

Metroid Prime = awesome
Metroid Prime 2 = awesome
Metroid Prime 3 = awesome
Donkey Kong Country Returns = great

The people at Retro Studios sure make crappy games, don't they?

The initial screens from the handheld Batman seem promising. Hopefully it will be worth the price tag considering you can get good Metroidvanias at a fraction of a full price retail release through the likes of Shadow Complex and Guaccamelee.

I thought the Metroid Prime games sucked too.

They were too slow & clunky, uninteresting, and boring. They also seemed more geared to Microsoft fans, not Nitendo fans.