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According to our source close to Square Enix, we are able to confirm the arrival of Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PS3 ... and PS4.

According to our information, the change would have occurred there are now nearly 2 years. A moment more complex during development. The life of the project has been anything but smooth sailing. But no, the title is definitely not canceled.

Note that today, the title would be dedicated to Sony machines and therefore do not come out on Xbox 360.

Our source confirmed that Sony would have helped this transition with the PS4 portage financially. The price for such exclusivity? Difficult to judge. Remains to be more and know a release date. Square Enix is scheduled to speak on the subject at E3 2013 in June in Los Angeles ...


hope it's true

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I've been hearing that The Last of Us will also have a PS4 version. If they're essentially the same games but run at a greater graphical fidelity, then I'm all for it.

Just release it and move on to Kingdom Hearts III already...when KH2 released I was still in the first year of academic high school, in 2 years I am going to have my Bachelor...

If that rumored $120M budget is true, there is no way Square won't release it on PS3 too.

zumnupy10 said:
If that rumored $120M budget is true, there is no way Square won't release it on PS3 too.

I hear the budget is $750M. Makes sense, after all the game entered into full development All THE WAY BACK TO Sep 2011, the budget could go up to $950M... yeah



PS4 day one if true :)



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please fix OP typo XII...

What about Versus XIII? Canceled?

will be picking this bad boy up on PS4

FF14 might aswell come to ps4 aswell..

While exclusive this game will the true power of FF franchise and the sale will just crush the FFXIII sales... the 360 port help to Square make the wort FF ever.

As a sidenote, the guy who wrote the piece of news also works for SquareEnix (kinda dodgy I know but I saw him at SE presentations in France), so that may well be true (the text in French doesn't even present it as a rumor, it states it for certain)