Forums - Sony Discussion - PS3 never made a comeback! PS3 has consistently outsold X360

I've seen a lot of people praising Sony on how they turned the PS3 around from a disastrous launch to nearly/soon overtaking the second most sold console this generation. But is this actually true? From what I can find from the sales data, no it isn't.

PS3 never made a comeback!

Take a look at this picture:

It's from right here:

Or look at this:

It's from and was added in August 2009

And then we have this:


Looking at it it becomes very clear that PS3 never did horribly bad, and always sold on par with the Xbox360, and often even a bit more. The only times X360 sold better were during the Holidays, but aligning the two consoles and we quickly see that PS3 ALWAYS managed to outsell X360. So where precisely IS this comeback? I don't see it. It's not there. PS3 has outsold the X360 pretty consistently ever since its 2nd year, only being outsold during the Holidays, and has consistently outsold it if aligned, except for their 7th year.

Sony never did anything to say that the PS3 made a comeback, because it never really went away. It never did so bad that it had to make a comeback.

This isn't flamebaiting, or trolling or whatever you wanna call it. I know some of you won't agree with me about this, but I just don't see where, or how, the PS3 made a comeback. As a PS fan maybe you wanna tell me what you mean when you're talking about the PS3 comeback?


And here's a comparison with all 3 consoles for those who wants it.